Access Tonal Communications

Founded in 2001 by Mr. E, and SEK01, Access Tonal Communications has been a label that since its inception, has set out to be different; rebelling against the status quo, and bringing you fresh and innovative Electro Bass with a message. With a roster of artists like The Hidden Persuader, InHuman Designed, Info_Cifon, and Jon E. Alpha, the label has had a wide array of releases, primarily in the mid part of the last decade, that have gained a lot of respect worldwide from Electro fans looking for something that pushed forward and beyond.


The label's first release was in 2001 with the debut of "Proton Industries", with "The Cause", a CD album containing 12 tracks subtly stating the label's vision, and what it would stand for...a cause, a reason to convey through art something that went beyond ego, and self-interest. An attempt to do like few have done before, and use this music as a vehicle of information in hopes of waking up the masses to the covert Psychological war that has been waged on humanity for far too long.


The label returned in 2003 with "War Industry", a CD album by label mastermind and co-founder SEK01, containing 11 tracks full of relentless, intelligent and ferocious glitch rhythms. Clearly an album aimed at conveying a message about the Military-Industrial complex, the label would set in stone here that this was the resistance! This would in return be a covert artistic war waged right back at the powers that be, in order to disrupt the flow of dis-information with sonic manipulation and vibrational reconstruction. Not long after, two of the label's most prolific artists so far, Info_Cifon, and The Hidden Persuader, would make their debut with the classic "Rewire The Future"; the label's first digital release including 2 songs by each of the artists. 


For the rest of that year, the label would have its biggest share of output since, releasing a total of 6 CD and digital releases, including "The Effect" by ATC Droids, "Instruction Manuals" by Mr. E, "Coercion E.P." by Info_Cifon, and the classic release by The Hidden Persuader: "Electro Strains".  The label would then take a small hiatus for the next 3 years while members regrouped, returning back to the scene in '08 with "Electrocratic" by The Hidden Persuader; an 11 track digital album featuring his classic jams "System Saboteur", and "Electro Job Seeker". 


Since the beginning of this decade, the label has had a consistent pattern of releases, starting in 2010 with "Electromechanical" by The Hidden Persuader, followed by Jon E. Alpha's label debut with "E.P.1". In 2011, Info_Cifon would return with his second label E.P., paving the way for the iconic "System Saboteurs" remixes E.P., which featured new generation heavy-weights Pip Williams, Robert Cosmic, InHuman Designed, Info_Cifon, Jon E Alpha, Alavux, and the original version as well as a remix by The Hidden Persuader. Other releases since include the classic "Dancing Machines" by The Hidden Persuader, Info_Cifon's "Cerebral Structures", the haunting "Ancient Evil" by InHuman Designed, "Defrag" by The Hidden Persuader, and Info_Cifon's latest masterpiece, "Rhinopias Frondosa"; a punishing selection of neurotic cybernetic assaults blended with fast-paced Electro beats, and warm melodic tonal programming that makes for a truly interesting trip through the depths of the machine.


Access Tonal Communications joins the rank of labels like Underground Resistance, Detroit Techno Militia, and Fundamental Bass Intelligence that are more than just imprints publishing music, but catalysts for social and conscious change through the means of tonal communication, and visual artistry that provokes thought, and inspires action....even if its just to dance your ass off! Support the underground, join the resistance. This is truly a battle for the soul of the music and the future of humankind! Check out the label at the links below.




Written by: Santino Fernandez

May 2014