Maxx Watts Vs. Messiah | June 2014 Feature

This month we bring you our first back 2 back mix featuring 2 of South Florida's most notorious Electro Bass purveyors: Maxx Watts, and Messiah. As founders of the popular Miami Electro and Breaks groups on Facebook and Soundcloud, as well as residents of the "Freebass" event in Hollywood, FL, these two highly talented and ambitious DJ and Producers have been on a non-stop quest to spread the sounds of Electro Bass around the region with uncanny determination. 


This mix includes some real treats here, so don't miss out on this one! In this awesome set you'll find not just some unreleased promos by some of your faves like Kontaegis, and 214, but also some of Maxx Watts' latest works; including a blinding remix of Rabbit In The Moon's "Out Of Body Experience". So grab it now, and let the bass kick! 








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1. Electro Pulse Generator - Time To Change | EPG

2. Maxx Watts - All That Rump | unreleased promo

3. Floorkilla - Pompano Rockers | Floorkilla Music

4. Maxx Watts - Can U | unreleased promo

5. DJ Di'jital - I Dream Of Beats (Will Web's Zero One Interpretation) | unreleased promo

6. Bahamut - Planet E (Scratch-D of Dynamix II and James Wolfe Remix) | Frajile Recordings

7. Kontaegis - Back 2 Boom | unreleased promo

8. Cha-os & Bassing Guild - Party People (You Must Follow Us) | Cut It Up Def Records

9. Middle Men - Another Think Coming | Marguerita Records

10. DJ Eternal - Red Light District RMX | unreleased promo

11. R.I.T.M. - Out Of Body Experience (Ran D Remix) | Underverse Records

12. Analoge Audio Bass - Sofa Tune | Placid Records

13. SoundChasers - Automatic Push Buttons | Marguerita Records

14. Illektriss - Reign Of The Robots (Ghostlight Remix) | Kaotiq Psyence Records

15. Code Rising - Element Zero | Propulsion Records

16. Aquarius Heaven - Universe | Circus Company

17. 214 - Yellow Jackets | unreleased promo



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