Mr. Myoplast - The Land Of The Blind

You may have already heard about Ben Wehunt as a label owner, thanks to a handful of successful releases including the essential "Global Systems Vol.1" compilation, and the recent "Departing The Hourglass" album from Analogous Doom published on his own Body Control Records. But Mr. Myoplast is also a talented Atlanta based Electro / Techno producer, author of various E.P.'s on label such like Recycled Plastics or Militant Science just to name but a few.


To plunge into Ben's sound, I highly recommend you his uncompromising debut E.P. titled "The Land Of The Blind" on Anti-Gravity Device. With this fifth outing on AE35's imprint, prepare yourself for an epic journey into raw, acid, and industrial Electro! Rolling "Disposable Income" opens the digital pack with explosive drums over a percussive rhythm. A furious acid line a la Hardfloor progressively appears to smoke your speakers, after a brilliant succession of dark rumbling sub bass coupled with intricate vocals. What an impressive beginning! "Moral Decline", instantly following, sounds like the prelude of an impending doom. Hard pounding beats combine to groovy tones, while a feverish TB303 takes us back into the golden age of Rave music. Acid Electro at its best!


With mental "Sonic Eruptor", the US artist returns to deeper and urban sororities. Synth blips, lasers, and massive 808 bassline are complemented by lush pads and cutting edge soundscapes, surrounded by a solid SciFi atmosphere. Definitely not for the faint of heart. Final cut "Unknown Entity" brings up the rear with syncopated machine grooves, tantalising snare rolls, rising synth, tribal acid vibes, and stomping bass. Classy 303, extremely well crafted beats, partnered up with some dark yet funky sequences sign an extraordinary ride through the world of the Body Control mastermind.


"The Land Of The Blind EP" appears as a serious testimony of Ben's musical versatility and background, ranging from the Machine funk of Kraftwerk and Bambaataa, to the electronicanalogic universe of Aphex Twin! Acting like an enigmatic scientist who experiments evil equations, Mr. Myoplast demonstrates that the association between sub bass and acid produces uncontrolled movements on the dancefloor, making the crowd want to reach the sky. No doubt the best release to date on the Japanese young imprint, no offense to the previous artists including Fleck ESC, Noise&Noise, The Outsider and AE35 himself who already did a great job.





Written by: Nexus 6

September 2014