Supreme.ja - DM13

Old school Electro Bass master Supreme.Ja returns, this time with "DM13 - The Album", 14 songs full of punchy 808s, roaring basslines, devious vocoders, deranged synthetik calculations, and mystifying synth lines that uplift the mind and spirit. 


Kicking things off is the always welcomed "Intro", alluring you with mysterious female vocals, and eerie synths and pads that create a space so real you will feel as if you are in the middle of a fantasy story. Next up is the menacing "Bassotronic", which features classic Supreme.Ja vocos, while gritty bass tones add some attitude and funk to the mix. "DM 13 V1" comes from behind with beats a la Numbers, met by brooding synths and sinister robotic voices that permeate through your senses with a touch of mischievousness.


"Electribe" is the next gem we find in this album, getting heavy into the action with mechanical beats and suspenseful synths, leading us to the fascinating "Dual Systems". This magical production has it all: clever sequencing, emotive melodic compositions, and a twisted sense of detail that will leave you spellbound. Tune!!! Next we come to "Grain Machine", a glitched-out jam with sinister overtones that follow a similar path as the previous as it creates a slightly menacing environment that really pushes the envelope. A+!


If you haven't had enough yet, we may be getting into the nitty-gritty here as we find a fabulous collaboration with DJ Somatic (Synthetic Bass Squadron-GDDR Records) as they take us on a nerve-wrecking psychotic adventure into the analog and digital underworld of the machines. Fast paced lazer beats drive the engines, as relentless syncopations and detuned vocals punish the rhythms with fierce determination. Next up, the album slows things down with "Bassnopedie No8", and show Supreme.Ja is a master of the synths for many reasons, here showing his melodic side with the kind of class and vision you'd find in artists like Beethoven, or more contemporary ones like Tangerine Dream or even Enya. 


The album continues a descent into sumptuous melodic arrangements, classy beats, and cybernetic female vocals with "Electroniques", returning to the gloom and doom with "DM 13 V2"; which re-introduces the robotic Kraftwerk beats, along with twisted programming, and funky grooves in the signature sound of Supreme.Ja. Next up we find "808 Bass", another collaboration with DJ Somatic. The two seem to really enjoy the faster tempos, and here we get into overdrive with powerful reverberated 808s, and gleaming sequencing met by enigmatic vocoding that really get into your space to make you groove and move your feet!


As we approach the end of the album, we reach the 3rd to last song "MonoMachine", full of cowbells, lazer one-shots, and mesmerizing sweeps and programming. "Sirius Is Calling" comes up next in ode to the previous melancholic masterpiece "Bassnopedie No8", with downtempo beats, eerie vocals, and beautiful mind-melting synths that go right through your very soul, leading us to the grand finale which is "Darkness". This astounding piece brings all the elements together with such precision, as powerful melodies decorate the stage while being flooded with spaced out elements giving this short but elegant production a touch of class and detail.


A really wonderful album in every aspect, and it can't be said enough how great it is to see one of the purveyors of the 90s Electro sounds back in full force. Though the artist had seen his share of releases during the previous decade, it really seems that his latest hiatus, and the lessons learned have evolved the artist to a whole new level that will surely prove to be monumental as we continue to receive more releases over the next few months and hopefully years to come. This album is out now, and will satisfy you from beginning to end with its careful selection of grooves and melancholic masterpieces. Available direct from the artist's website, or wherever you buy music!







Written by: Santino Fernandez

October 2014