Binalog Frequency - Forward

Binalog Frequency returns on his iconic imprint Binalog Productions with "Forward", an 11-track album full of Funk, versatility, and vision....the kind of vision that can put things into forward-motion! Let's go. The album opens up with "Chamber Of Bleeps", which lives up to its name with glitched out beeps and bleeps that sneak around from every direction, as warm and alluring synths create an aura of beautiful emotive energies. Next up is "Aneemal", which is a ferocious Techno jam with punishing grooves, delirious saw tooth pulses, and relentless sequences that really get you moving. Midway the song will really surprise you as it changes up completely introducing warm and crushing bass tones coupled with lush synths that inspire as much as they mesmerize. 


"Another World" comes up from behind with spaced out modulations, analog bass syncopations, and piercing drones as the zaps begin to gallop. This Electro Funk jam quickly gets into 909s driven with fury as gleaming pads adorn the space between with profound soulfulness. Beautiful tune! If you haven't had enough yet, hold on tight as we kick into warp speed with "Refraction", an elegant powerhouse with beautiful melodic stabs and slight glitchiness that really creates a unique landscape of sonic majestry. As the spaced out and funky "Mad Lab Funk (Bad Lab Punk)" begins to descend into ambient layers while retaining the classic Electro Funk grooves, "Encounter" falls upon spooky territory as the deranged sequencing in this track gets going thanks to the cowbells and zaps, coming upon "Accelerator". Perhaps the most refined of the whole album, yet by no means taking away from any of the other masterpieces, instead complementing the collection with visionary programming and careful composition that is done with quite a bit of wit.


"A Million Yeears" starts to cool things down yet maintains the tempos over 135 bpm, as delicate pads layer behind pulsing bass tones and shimmering percussive arrangements. "Arteefact" delivers as described by bringing in bizarre elements that together make up a rhythmic and soulful tune, leading us to the next oddity "Alien Lab". This wonderful space jam is reminiscent of some of Mandroid's work, with an unforgiving lazer bassline, met by melancholic stabs as window-shattering drones make their fly-by atop the arrangements. Last but not least we take a listen to "Deeparture", a mesmerizing anthem with delicate composition, that while short-lived makes a fantastic outtro to this incredible album.


Binalog as a label (Binalog Productions) has been in business ever since the beginning of the so called "Digital Revolution", providing release after release with many of the hottest artists of the past 10 years, but also giving its founder, mastermind Evan Zacharopoulos aka Binalog Frequency, a platform in which to grow and expand to the many styles of Electro. At this point, nearly 10 years in the making, and what we have seen is an artist evolve and become one of today's most influential Electro artists, making the same fate for his label and the artists that have had the opportunity to grow with it. Diligence and determination are two things that if kept in close balance, will lead to the opening of horizons in ways sometimes we couldn't have imagined, this has been true for Binalog and its leader Binalog Frequency. Stay tuned, much more is in the pipeline, because if we dare say so....the label is just getting warmed up! :)






Written by: Santino Fernandez

November 2014