Workerpoor and Andrew Claristidge - Falklands War

Battery Park Studios out of Germany returns with their next installment, this time featuring up and coming artists "Workerpoor" and Andrew Claristidge. Also featuring remixes by Luke Eargoggle, Thomas Kress, and David Carreta, this E.P. aims to get into the heavy stuff with determination, and a touch of soulfulness that you will really appreciate. 


First off we have the song "Attack On Santa Fe", a punishing tune with tough mechanical beats reverberated with care as glitch tones begin the attack; making way for the invasion of a Detroit-styled cybernetic bassline that drops the funk in a way that will remind you of works by Aux 88, Model 500, and Dopplereffekt. The song is then remixed by iconic Electro wiz Luke Eargoggle, who keeps the bassline intact, but slows things down a bit with soothing and emotive synth flares, as synthetic beats diligently gallop to the groove. Great remix, very classy!


Next up we are met by the title song "Falklands War", another ferocious operation of strategic sequencing, that really shows these guys get down to the old school sounds of Techno Bass. Remixed here by the iconic Thomas Kress, the song is mostly left unchanged sans the beats which have been reworked a little, also introducing a whole new array of programmed sequences and arpeggios giving this version a bit more of an abstract character, while retaining the original composition.


As we get to the end of the record, we find the last original song "Bomb The Alley", which is also remixed by David Carreta. This elegant tune will blast you with broken up modulations, mystifying drones, rude sawtooth pulses, and inviting syncopations delivered with great! Ready for the remix? Let's go! David Carreta returns on this fine E.P. with his interpretation of the latter with an uncanny array of metallic beats, impressive melodic tones, and eerie sweeps as the bassline takes control. Raw and devious vocals seem to sneak in in an almost unrecognizable way as the rhythm keeps hold in a relentless fashion....great job on this! 


Battery Park Studio is well known now, years into its discography which is phenomenal to say the least. With release after release with just about every iconic Electro artist on it, the imprint seems to have a knack for blending up collaborations in such a way that it just creates a real sense of excitement. One of the real leaders since the digital revolution, and delivering every title with great care, and attention to detail. Seeing this collection of grooves is yet another fine example of the kind of fresh air that a label such as this injects into our scene, giving our artists a solid platform in which they can grow and innovate without restriction. The release is available now, wherever you buy music! A must have.





Written by: Santino Fernandez

October 2014