Ascension Électronique - Harmonic Defiance ( The Remixes )

Two years in the making but long awaited follow up to Ascension Électronique's concept album "Harmonic Defiance" is finally here! Featuring a plethora of heavyweight remixers including Dexorcist (Control Tower, Battle Trax), Mandroid (Breakin’ Records, Dominance Electricity), Sbles3plex (Djax-Up-Beats, Fundamental Bass Intelligence), Rogue Frequency (Binalog>>>Productions, Take Over Recordings), Dwellz (Devine Disorder Records, Battery Park Studio), Binalog (Binalog>>>Productions), and Shadowbunny (Crobot Muzik, Black Magic Records), "Harmonic Defiance - The Remixes" offers a brand new facet of this classic opus from founder of FBI imprint, US veteran Morphogenetic (Battery Park Studio, Dona-Li Records, Subsonic Device, Twilight 76, Crobot Muzik, Binalog Productions, New Flesh Records).


A collection of eight incredible reworks plus a bonus track, FBI009 pays a fantastic homage to AE's seminal Electro, originally made of conscious and politically oriented songs militating for a change over vintage analogical yet warm strings. The quality of the release goes beyond any expectation! Looking like a family meeting as most of the artists involved in the CD project have already appeared on the label, the opus kicks off with the cutting edge Electro vision of UK Dexorcist. Succession of delayed tones enhanced by relentless 808 beats and drums, reworked "Conception" offers a perfect opening from Bass Junkie’s long time partner in crime: half of “Kronos Device”and “Gods Of Technology” duos focuses here on stygian strings with meticulous care. Ace!


The cut up Electro Bass of "2012 A.D" gets the full gloomy style treatment from ultra talented Rogue Frequency: showing no mercy, the Irish wizard delivers an uncompromising driving stormer showcasing the superb melodies of the original, some harsh bass and dark atmosphere laying in the background. Amazing! Coming next is Dwellz’s fascinating re-interpretation of "rEVOLution", submerged into the abyss of groove whilst UK legend Mandroid adds untouchable vocodered lyrics and mighty old-schoolish Electro-Funk pads to the song "To See With Open Eyes". Tunes! The power of the album comes from its eclectic selection of remixers.


Spanish producer Ivan Arnau returns under his infamous Sbles3plex disguise to revisit "The Return To Oneness" in a sweet way, serving up as you would expect, a soulful mix full of depth while Greek Binalog slows the tempo down with its impressive funky rework of "Change From The Inside", which leads us to the superb version of "The Return To Oneness" by lovely Shadowbunny, turning the original into an epic ode to Synthesizers. Then merging the more melodic and soulful aspects of Electro, Morphogenetic himself appears with an unforgettable downtempo and emotive version of “Harmonic Defiance”, delivering glorious synth flights and deep haunting strings. Finally, Rogue Frequency concludes with another version of "2012 A.D" as a bonus track, offering a more nervous and sinister workout.


I'm furthermore proud of the final CD that, after making the artwork of the original album, Morphogenetic honored me to create the illustration cover for this new chapter on FBI's essential discography. I hope the visual, completed with brilliant additional graphic works from Starrie Williamson aka Selekta Stjarna, witnesses enough of the amount of Sci-Fi the artists injected in this wonderful project. The CD is limited to 100 copies, available in Eco Jacket. The first 50 orders will have a free 11x17 high-quality poster included. Vital!





Written by: Nexus 6

October 2014