Umwelt - Cultures Of Resistance E.P.

Making a temporary infidelity to his New Flesh Records and Rave Or Die imprints, French electro activist Umwelt (Drivecom, Satamile, Kommando 6) signs today the 25th reference of Shipwrec. Each release from this mighty Netherlands based label is a collector and the "Cultures Of Resistance EP" is no different.


Breaking from his dark electro works of the last few months, Fred Poncet aka Umwelt delivers a dystopian and visionary EP with a proper identity due to a solid musical background plus early influences ranging from industrial to New Beat, New Wave or Rave culture. Although staying close to his moody electro roots, the artist hailing from Lyon takes us back - way back - to the glorious days of Acid, embellished with a modern twist.


Dehumanized "Somatogravic Illusion" opens the 12" on astonishing synth melodies supported by precise and mechanical beats. The track comes fully completed with funky touches turning it into a serious dancefloor burner. Top notch!


Clinical and heading "Subterranean Bases", instantly following, serves up an amazing tune, my favorite here, driven by an insane bassline, some sinister pads and trippy strings surrounding the listener into a an unhealthy atmosphere. Dark as Hell!


On the flipside, organic "A Tale Of Disruptive Science" signs a superb piece of urban electro enhanced with sharp acidic loops over intricate synth flights. The French artist knows exactly where he wants to bring you and he does it without compromise nor caution. Ace!


On beat less interlude "Realm Of Chaos", fascinating ambient laments merge with experimental layers, showing another facet of Fred's unlimited talent to create deep, gloomy, and unhealthy universe!


Final track "Terraformation" unleashes the bass like never, serving up a pure drama yet soulful slaughter based upon emotive futurescapes, percussive 808 drums and bubbling acid lines. This has to be heard! Umwelt at its best! The bloody cover artwork comes this time from fellow Lyon artist Timothée Mathelin.


With As1, DMX Krew, The Exaltics, Umwelt, Plant43 and soon Anthony Rother, Shipwrec continues its unstoppable climbing to the top of the best electro-techno labels. Must have!







Written by: Chris Nexus 6

November 2014