Robodrum - Audio Aggressor E.P.

Following essential "Sick Frequencies EP" under his Psychobot moniker on Electropunkz, Przemek Kuduk aka Electromonter aka Robodrum joins Body Control Records forces to sign a mighty six tracker and probably his most successful release to date!


Faithful to the artistic line of the Atlanta, to the crossing lines between Future electro, Techno, Industrial and EBM, the Poland mecha opens his EP with "Audio Aggressor", a killer 4/4 tune made of insane acidic loops over fearsome emergency sirens. Not for the fainted hearts, this introduction gives the tone of an outing built upon apocalyptic moments and merciless beats!


After a futuristic overture, electro "Biobots", coming next, serves up another fantastic slaughter based upon robotic voices, analog modulations and alienating bleeps taking progressively possession of your mind. Top notch!


To the confluence of electro and techno styles, well cadenced "VCF" instantly following delivers a hot tune where classy synth melodies combine to darker tones sustained by some frantic 808 drums. By the middle of the track, the atmosphere mutes suddenly to turn the song into an untouchable yet unhealthy post industrial armageddon! One of the EP highlights and they are numerous here.


Cosmic "All The Time" and compressed "Our Computers", with its incredible amount of bass, propel the listener on board of an insecure orbital satellite infested by menacing entities from outer space. Lethal as Hell.


Finally, Robodrum concludes the EP with "Trans-Poland-Express", a link to his main influences, not only Kraftwerk and Bambaataa but also Bass Junkie as the jam seems to use samples taken from Phil Klein's first album "Bass Time Continuum". Made of old school references and ravey layers, this tune could have been released on Battle Trax as much it sounds similar to the UK label outings.


From A to Z, the ninth reference on Mr Myoplast's label Body Control is must have, delivering a tense, futuristic, rough yet melodic available in both limited CD edition (50 copies) as well as digital. Rush on it!







Written by: Chris Nexus 6

November 2014