Sbassship - Gegen Den Rest - Remastered (10th Anniversary)

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of "Gegen Den Rest", Dominance Electricity goes digital this month with the reissue of this classic monster from the label owner Sbassship himself, in a fully remastered version.


Originally published in October 2004 as a remix of the german Hip Hop battle track "Gegen Den Rest (Against The Rest)" by FMK, the tune would encounter a year later a strictly limited vinyl release on the "Encryption EP", making slowly but firmly its own way through the electro galaxy to become a pure mayhem.


In overture of the digital pack, the "Main Mix" will no doubt give goosepimps to the electro freaks who bought the 12" back in the dayz. Heading melodies in high audio quality floating over powerful yet old school electrofunk 808, vintage synths merging to subbass a la SEM plus vocodered lyrics in German spoken language make this track a must have!


The original jam comes completed by two bonus versions, the "Scratch Mix" featuring frantic turntable sequences from Optic Records' DJ Nicon, and the "Extended 12" Mix" to prolong your musical pleasure. This is one of Sbassship's best, timeless and most popular productions!


Watch out for the forthcoming DE releases as the label announces two new albums, one from Dagobert and the second by none other than Blastromen live!







Written by: Chris Nexus 6

November 2014