Laris Maker | December 2014 Feature

If you haven't caught the latest buzz coming out of Spain, then you'd probably love to hear the new exclusive Techno Bass and Electro Funk radio show streamed via Contacto Sintetico and Intergalactic FM, hosted by none other than Laris Maker; an upcoming local female DJ in the Spanish Electro scene, and all around lover and supporter of true underground Electro music.



Here, she records her first feature mixing up the latest goodies coming out from her region and all across the world including tracks by Boris Divider, Carl Finlow, Dmitry Distant, Mike Ash, and many more! Check out this cool mix, you won't be disappointed!  























  1. NRSB-11 - Industrial Espionage -  WéMé Records
  2. The Outsider – Nebulizer –  Anti Gravity Device
  3. Ovatow – Flame –  Harbour City Sorrow
  4. Area Forty One – Nocturnal Passions Part I - Delsin
  5. Subscriber – Daybreaker – Bass Agenda Recordings
  6. Anthony Rother – Medium – Psy49net
  7. Boris Divider – Primary Functions – Cultivated Electronics
  8. Gosub – Blue In Darkness – Cultivated Electronics
  9. Mauro Nakimi – Under Control – Bassement Bass Records
  10.  Audio Analogue Association – Zangenhand F4 – Placid Records
  11.  Tainted Cell – Cyberfucker – Not On Label
  12.  Dmitry Distant – Luxure (Commuter Remix) – Bass Agenda Recordings
  13.  The Hidden Persuader – Bio-Wave – Bass4Bots
  14.  Mike Ash – Algorhythm Logarhythm – Borg Recordings
  15.  Djedjotronic – Abyssal Zone - Zone
  16.  Carl Finlow – Conduit – Electrix Records
  17.  Pi-xl – We Are The Future – New North Records
  18.  Jauzas The Shinning And Victoria Lukas- Cold Sweat (Ekman Remix ) – Last Known Trajectory
  19.  MIDI K-84 – Malenkonia – Borg Recordings



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December 2014