Phonotronix - In-Sub-Ord-In-Ate

Phonotronix is back ladies and gentlemen, and in their small hiatus a lot has happened: their sound has evolved, darker and more complex, their personal perception towards the music reinvented as they themselves have triumphed over many obstacles to get to this point. Are you ready for some serious insubordination? Let's get on  with it then.


This fantastic digital E.P. dives right down into the abyss with the title track "In-Sub-Or-Di-Nate", which is a ferocious production of rebellious 808s, keeping it a lil' old school, and less Electro Core oriented like much of their material. Complex programming, and clever sampling invite you on the floor, as deranged melodies begin to work their magic. This one has a very European sound, a bit like Bass Junkie and the like, which is great to hear on this level coming out of the Florida region. 


Next up we find "The Camouflage", which gets into overdrive a bit in the beginning as Phonotronix delivers what appears to be one of their Electro Core tunes, here morphing into another carefully produced masterpiece not too common in the styles to come out of the area, unleashing the full sonic attack as uncanny sequencing comes together with suspenseful melodies that are complimented by sinister vocals. Really brooding and powerful piece, incredible for the dancefloor, or cruising down the coastline. 


Last and certainly not least we find JR-10's remix of "The Camouflage", which is a space jam without limits, presented with such class in many ways reminiscent of works by artists like Mas-2008, here dropping some serious funk in a very ingenious way as a punishing bassline oozing with flares of Detroit Techno, is attacked by the machine elves who show no mercy. Incredible vocoder work capturing the concept into lyrical content is soon meet with cold desolate pads that create a very alluring atmosphere. Tune if ever, excellent work!


Overall a stupendous release, and incredibly inspiring to see it coming out of a region so influential, yet for some time centered around a specific sound that is shown here evolved beautifully, and showing strong skill and vision in all the different areas of "Electro Engineering"! Get this, you won't be disappointed, its as much energizing, and revitalizing, as it is intriguing and full of emotional drive. Really great work by all the artists, and a great return by one of the leading duos in the American Electro Bass scene.







Written by: Santino Fernandez

December 2014