Psiloc - Quantum

Boris Divider's music is like a virus, mutating under different forms every year. Since his "Ultralink" opus on Semantica label back in 2010, the Spanish artist has multiplied musical experiments and cinematic textures on his own Drivecom, mixing electro to ambient genre. Today he returns under his most enigmatic moniker and musical project, Psiloc.


Inaugurating Drivecom's brand new sub label Artificial Domain, Boris offers a height tracker release in the straight prolongation of his "Deflector | Attractor" full length LP on Fundamental Records.


"Nuumo" opens the digital pack with trippy sororities made of futuristic bleeps and glitch tones. "Ninzec" turns into a minimal affair, combining drone tonalities over purged drums. You will feel like evolving in the engine room of a ghost spaceship. "Ansilic" sounds even more stripped back, reduced to eerie and intricate Sci-Fi waves enhanced with shimmering sound effects and electrifying impulses. Title track "Quantum" appears as a heading piece, spreading slowly but firmly its infectious moody electronica tinged with discrete industrial lines, some synthetic heartbeats in the background adding a sense of drama.


From the crystalline darkness of "Cylosole" to the fascinating machinery of "Takedo", passing through the dystopian vision of "Kuemi", the audacious listener will venture through inspirational acoustic landscapes ranging from eerie subterranean caverns to suspenseful percussive loops. 


Lastly, the much anticipating, infectious and beat less "Ileso" signs a fascinating final based upon lush strings partnered up with some experimental sequences.


Influences of Arpanet or Autechre are deeply embedded within this release, leaded mainly by dramatic noises and terrific shockwaves. Quite different from what we used to hear on Drivecom but as much essential!







Written by: Chris Nexus 6

December 2014