Yoshihiro Hayashi - Guard Duelist E.P.

Succeeding to the "Phase EP", "Guard Duelist" signs the second EP of Yoshihiro Hayashi on Tokyo Electro Beat Records. If you are familiar with the Japanese's sound, then you know that he's no joking when it comes to Electro.


The digital pack kicks things off with a rough yet robotic Electro tune a la Jackal & Hyde, "Duel On Bassline", made of hard pounding beats, powerful synth lines plus aggressive lyrics. What an evil introduction!


Sublime "Existence" coming next brings us back in the early 90's thanks to a pure Electro Housey groove, combining with talent classy synth strings, old school percussions and wonderful tribal tones. Ace! Darker "Jack That Body" instantly following signs another syncopated charmer, merging sharp 808 drums and paranoid distortions to fearsome acidic loops, perfect to hypnotize a dancefloor at 3am before an armageddon of Bass!


If the original "Don't Miss Your Beat Style" turns into an industrial experiment based upon repetitive drums and attractive synth modulations, the remix from Yusuke Nakamura delivers an amazing Electro-Techno-paranoidal slaughter characterized by an impressive work on the rhythm: untouchable breaks, false rhythms and counter tempo offer to the EP a powerful final.


Like everything on TEBR this is authentic Electro music with a real personality of its own. Highly recommended!







Written by: Chris Nexus 6

December 2014