V/A - Bass Agenda Vol.2: The War On Error

Direct follow up to the successful "Bass Agenda Vol 1: Fight Against The Mundane" compilation released a year ago, Volume 2 takes back exactly where the previous opus left us. Assortment of mighty cuts ranging from dubby to funky electro, passing through ambient and experimental genres, "The War On Error" brings together a comprehensive collection of emotive and raw fields of Electronics, featuring no less than 14 tracks gathered together in a beautiful digipack illustrated by brilliant Annita Rivera.


Giving an exhaustive statement of where Electro music is to the dawn of 2015, this new chapter showcases new and established talents who appeared as guests in the previous year of the Bass Agenda Radio Show.


The CD opens with the frantic synthetism of g13ck's brilliant "Paax" before Miami based veteran Will Web injects on funky "Das Werk Von Robotern" a sinister mixture of menacing beats bass and drums. With "Rearguard Redemption", French wizard dynArec supplies a deep yet sharp track half way between electro and techno genres.


The syncopated tones continue with Dark Vektor's "Paciencia", to bring closer to Aux 88 works, instantly followed by Irish Rogue Frequency's astonishing "Symmetry". Combining mighty synth melodies and an unstoppable groove, this tune has a great potential on the dancefloor. The Belgian MicroControlUnit keeps the pressure with "Field Report", an intricate and heading tune based upon lush harmonies.


Inkamera coming next serves up a soulful “Skylar”, merging eerie lyrics to clinical tones turning the track into a subversive piece with great atmosphere. GraGee meets 4TH Genome on fascinating "No Release" whereas Elec. Pt 1 darkens the tone thanks to his heavy acid monster “Zwei.Two.Dos.Twee”, an insane barrage of bass, beats and 303 loops.


Offering a crazy journey through sound experiments, bleepy "Betos Revenge" from Seldom Seen leads us to FAH's relentless UFO "We Warned You That This Life Could End You", staring at electronica style. Robodrum propels N.W.A's "Panic Zone" to the XXIII century whilst sensitive "The Dagonaut - Dancing on the Milkyway" from Dagobert sees furious throbbing synths build to a menacing crescendo. Final cut "To Be Here As One" from Morphogenetic concludes the opus on pop tonalities serving up a pure emotional anthem in the US artist typical trademark.


Covering the whole spectrum of Electro styles, "Bass Agenda Vol.2: The War On Error " sounds like the perfect compilation to stay up to date with the genre, immersing the listener in a true sonic experience, menacing, uplifting, and much anticipating at the same time. Essential!







Written by: Chris Nexus 6

December 2014