V/A - Alien II Abduction E.P.

The boyz from tha D return on Dijital Axcess, imprint of Detroit legendary DJ and producer DJ Di'jital, also featuring D.I.E. mastermind Maaco, DJ Lenn Swann from 12 Tech Mob, and DJ Psycho from Detroit Techno Militia. 5 cuts of straight Techno Bass mayhem, crafted around the city's special energy and sense for music, delivering here what will undoubtedly be a classic colored 12" release. 


Starting the record off is the bone-crushing "Alien II", a driven masterpiece with sinister bass synths, wild cuts, and vocals in the style of old school Detroit techno Bass music. Following up is the uncanny Techno Bass jam "Alien Abduction" featuring 12 Tech Mob DJ Lenn Swann, who cuts it up def with style as the bass beats push forward with the power of a steam engine...no, make that a bullet train! This is how we race into the future, and these boys are not the safest drivers, they know no limits. 


Next up is "Cosmic Position", a Techno jam based around a tightly sequenced bassline that takes us back to Model 500, and the days when Funk ruled supreme. Up next we find "Electro Bugaloo" featuring DJ Psycho of Detroit Techno Militia. Raw vocal snippets convey the concept as the complex Electro Bass beats get going without mercy, leading us finally to the last track we find here: "Bionic Master Breaks". This one gets pretty interesting as reverberated dry snares add a bit of spice to the mix, as laser shots gallop to the beat. Great cut for battle breaks!


This incredible piece of Techno Bass music is available in yellow colored vinyl, featuring design and artworks by Zero One Music mistress Michelle Del Rey, and only available in vinyl for the time being. Support the Detroit underground, and watch as a city and its people continue to be reborn, never wavering in its stance as a true beacon of determination, integrity, and courage to survive in the face of anything.....even an alien abduction! Go get it now, you will be playing this one loud!







Written by: Santino Fernandez

January 2015