Amper Clap | February 2015 Feature

If you haven't heard of Amper Clap, member of German powerhouse Battery Park Studio, then let us introduce you to this incredibly talented Spanish DJ, Producer, and Electronic music lover since...forever!

Starting off as a DJ in 1999, he progressed into the world of production in 2005, strongly driven by the roots of the Underground Breaks, Techno, and Electro Bass scenes where the melodic works like that of Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, met the innovative productions of artists like Uberzone, Simply Jeff, Mr. Oizo, and Dark Globe.

Here he brings us a fantastic mix featuring tracks by Illektrolab, Pulse Project, Lektroid, Auto Pilot, Silicon Scally, and many more! Get this, and dig deep into the sounds of the music we love as Amper Clap guides the way on the wheels of steel!



  1. Autopilot - Electro Pamphlet (Original Mix) - Elektrolux
  2. Silicon Scally - Dark Matter (Original Mix) - Satamile Records
  3. GraGee feat 4th Genome - No Release (Original Mix) - Bass Agenda Recordings
  4. Morphology - Convince The Computer (Original Mix) - Diametric
  5. Not-Alone - Electric Soul (Original Mix) - Philippe Besnard a.k.a Not-Alone
  6. illektrolab - I Am Illektro (Original Mix) - Advanced Robotiks
  7. D.I.E. - Space Travel [Original Mix] - Clone
  8. Juri-jah - Darcknes (Original Mix) - Motorlab Records
  9. K.Markov - Mechanik (Original Mix) - K.Markov
  10. Melogik - Plugged In (Original Mix) - Le Galassie Di Seyfert
  11. The Pulse Projects - Sacred Prostitute Series 042 (Original Mix) - Bunker Records
  12. Biodread - Mentor (Original Mix) - AC Records
  13. Voice Stealer - Moebius (Original Mix) - Subvert
  14. Lektroid - Macrocosm (Original Mix) - LEK Productions

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February 2015