Biodread - Game Over EP

With one future classic every two or three years approximatively, XOX Records have made their own saying: "Rarity rhymes with quality!".


Finnish premium label returns after a long break with another milestone of a release, "Game Over", from promising talent Biodread. Previously heard in 2013 on AC Records and a year later on Zyntax Records with a powerful rework of Morphology's track "Microbial" featured on the highly recommended "Identity Components Remixes", Perttu Lindroos of ProForm Series fame signs here his debut E.P..


In overture of the A side, insane "Retribution" turns into a heavy piece of synthetism based upon heading melodies over a slow down syncopated rhythm. The track offers more than seven minutes of pure emotional darkness with tough kicks, groaning synths and starry melodies. Top notch! Offensive "Armed And Operational" instantly following signs a much more brutal Electro Funk affair with frantic beats a la Blastromen and stripped back arpeggio sequences.


On the flipside, noir "Judgement" serves up an abrasive electro cut tinted with old school tonalities and background pads adding a sense of drama. As a conclusion, final track "No Hope" deals mainly on moody Electrofunk enhanced with C64 and chiptune tones which is the trademark of XOX Records since its launch back in 2002.


The evocative artwork showing a bombing perfectly echoes to the title of the E.P. which reminds of George W. Bush's words to Saddam Hussein before the third Gulf war. Authentic Electro with a strong atmosphere and a real identity for serious freaks, this arresting E.P. is a true weapon of mass destruction, impossible to ignore!






Written by: Chris Nexus 6

February 2015