Skyborg - End Of Reality EP

Founder of the net label Borg Recordings, Ian Dady presents his third E.P. to date under his infamous moniker Skyborg. Following the "Still Got Bass" and "I Am Electro" releases in 2012, the Nottingham located artist delivers here another four tracker of his trademark, half way between old and new school Electro genres.


"Let's Dance" opens the digital pack with a captivating vocoder scanning "I need a Beat, I need some Bass, I need to Party..." over suspenseful analogue synth melodies. The song comes complete with precise 808 programming and frenzied scratch parts to turn the track into a hit. Brilliant! Bboy "Electro Discotek", instantly following, combines vintage touches plus classic samples to advanced robotic lyrics, while feverish percussion in the background will remind of rock success "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" from Yes band back in the 80's.


Kraftwerkian "Radioactive" offers the perfect balance between cosmic and deep atmospheres. Spacey tones melt with crystal clear synth and Sci-Fi layers will immerse the listener into a nostalgic future. As a conclusion, the title track "End Of Reality" delivers a harder tune characterized by sub bass with heavy distortions. Punishing drums, relentless rhythms, and pounding Electro beats give this severe brainwasher a menacing surrounding. Ace!


Keeping his retro roots alive while trying to evolve and create something truly distinctive, UK Skyborg serves up here four eclectic tracks of mechanistic power for the more thoughtful dance floor, with tinges of West Coast Electro Funk!




Written by: Chris Nexus 6

February 2015