AE35 | March 2015 Feature

At this point, AE35 is a name that needs no further introduction....but in case you don't know, let us tell you a little bit about this fantastic Electro Bass artist from Japan. As the founder of Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings, named after the country's first Electro Bass party, "Tokyo Electro Beat Park", AE35 has been a formidable force in the scene for quite a few years now; recently also founding the great "Anti Gravity Device" label.


Debuting on popular French imprint Fdb Recordings, the artist's music has proliferated far and wide throughout the globe on international labels like Crobot Muzik, and Battery Park Studio. This month, he records a real treat for all of us, as this is his first-ever published live recorded set, featuring many of his songs past and present, and using a combination of hardware and software which includes Jomox Xbase09, X0xb0x, Pioneer EFX500, Arturia Beatstep, MOTU UltraLite-mk3 Hybrid, and Ableton Live. Don't miss out on this frantic ride through the acidic soundscapes of AE35, you won't be disappointed!








1. Special Pattern - Anti Gravity Device

2. Tokyo Beats (AE35 mix) - Binalog>>>Productions

3. Decot - Fdb Recordings

4. Samurai Sword Sharpness - Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings

5. R.O.B.O.T. - Terminal Explosion 

6. Underdrain (Red) - Anti Gravity Device



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March 2015