Weakmassive - Bioelectric

After a couple of appearances on Body Control, versatile Weakmassive hits hard this time with his debut full length release! Eclectic "Bioelectric" signs a remarkable introduction to the Chicagoan musical universe, and features 10 tunes ranging from Electro to Techno styles, plus four heavy remixes from BC's regular signatures.


Dark "Omega Doom" opens the limited CD with fascinating layers over a catchy syncopated rhythm. The title track coming next offers a sublime piece of Electronica made of moody, yet discrete melodies, bubbling modulations, and bleepy tones.


Fusing early Techno and EBM influences, home listening "Arutuf" showcases Weakmassive's vast musical roots tinged with 80's and 90's influences. 


Thanks to its frantic rhythm and Detroit synth lines, "Telefunken" serves up an epileptic cut to bring closer to some of Japanese Telecom works.


If the cosmic strings of "Curves Of Cassini" offer an elegant journey into space, disturbing "Window", my favorite, delivers an introspective gem fueled with mental layers over deep Detroitish modulations deluxe, halfway between Dopplereffekt and DynARec. Ace!


Speeding the tempo, emotive “Carrier” signs a surprising cut based upon eerie pads over a rolling line, while Warpean "Egg" combines classy staccatos to clinical drums.


Crisp, clean and cold "Clybourn Acid", one of the album highlights, offers a wonderful Electro/Breakbeat tune where a bubbling 303 answers to emotional synth flights. As beautiful as a sunset!


Final track "Speksy" concludes with a downtempo tune characterized by the use of lazy melodies over relaxing strings and discrete acidic lines.


The opus comes completed with four reworks: BC mastermind Mr Myoplast revisits "Telefunken" in a brilliant acid/experimental way, whereas Dave Mono turns "Bioelectric" into a tense and funky dancefloor slaughter. Luke Eargoggle's "Omega Doom" rework mutes into a sweet yet dark Electro hit based upon echoes, delays and original lyrics. Finally, the opus ends up on Jerry La Flim's funky version of "Window".


With brilliant "Bioelectric", Body Control temporarily moves away from the acidic and gloomy sounds which became a trait of this great label. This is the force of the Atlanta based imprint: never stay tuned to a restricted musical genre. Highly recommended!




Written by: Chris Nexus 6

March 2015