V/A - Don't Stop Da Bass Vol. 3

Electroclub Barcelona returns with their 3rd volume in the "Don't Stop Da Bass" compilations, this time featuring veteran Spanish Electro master Dark Vektor, along with Serbian mastermind Alavux, not to mention the talented and up and coming producers Amper Clap, The Bandit, and Meka. Available for FREE through the label's Bandcamp page, the imprint aims at exposing the masses to the talent of the country's Electro collective, as well as that of International artists who share a deep passion for our music.


The record starts off with the spell-binding "Mes Fort, Mes Gran, Mes Lluny" by Dark Vektor, a song that starts off in a funky Electro Bass fashion, yet spins around only to become an alluring and mystifying Techno track with all the right elements. A great song for your drive to work, or just about anywhere! it is soothing, yet funky and even inspiring at the same time. 


Next up we have "The Bandit", the label mastermind, who gets into overdrive here with menacing machine-like Electro beats, while broodings sequences create a complex space of energizing melodies and abstract effects that really push the envelope. Awesome song! 


Following on the heels of the previous masterpiece is Alavux, one of the more creative in our scene, with a unique blend of asbtract ravey tones, along with DMX Electro beats unleashed with mischievousness, as hypnotic sequences weave in and out and dig deep into you with a bizarre sense of intelligence. Up next we have Meka, who drops a bomb on the party with congas, scratches, and a bass so low, you'll need to make sure you handle with care. The bassline that comes in midway adds great fluidity to the track, and is reminiscent of the works of Mr. Velcro Fastener. A great minimal club hit here!


Amper Clap finishes the record with his enigmatic sound, crushing you with warm analog bass tones menacing in their stride as bumpin' Electro beats pound the floor without mercy. They are later joined by spacey tones, wicked pads, and vocoders that together remind you of some of Mandroid's work, making this one of the real gems in this record.


This release is now available for FREE, but if like to show your support, it is always appreciated, and proceeds will be used to further develop what is already a great imprint showcasing the great talent of not just the country, but the whole world. Don't miss out on this great compilation.






Written by: Santino Fernandez

May 2015