V/A - Reconstructing Thessaloniki

Hailing from Greece, brand new Remote Influence brings you an imperative collection of unique Electro material from emerging and established artists worldwide. Celebrating the imprint's inaugural release, this exciting project entitled "Reconstructing Thessaloniki" aimed to outlet chosen cuts for the dance-floors, as well as home listening pleasures: the CD has led to a collection of 15 standout tunes.


Covering a selection of styles that have been a big influence on the label, the opus invites you to a surprising journey through Electro, Electronica, Ambient, Breaks and much more from the like of an impressive line-up of talents.


Spanish Alek Stark engages hostilities with "All Wet", a gloomy introduction full of delays, futuristic loops and echoes making one feels like venturing into a true nightmare.


From the Video Game euphoria of Andrew Red Hand's Detroitish "Robot Battles", to the warm 80's atmosphere of TMA And Martisson's "Sunset On The Beach" movie soundtrack, the essence of Electro and its sub genres appears deeply embedded within this release.


The clinical and cold waves of Das Muster's "Multidimensionales Verfahren" reply to emotional vibes of AS1's infectious "July 20th 1969". 


While superb "Von Jesenska" from Federico Leocata turns into a despair piece of funk, French wizard Franck Kartell offers with fascinating "Zusammen" a moody Electro hit tinged with acid loops plus horrific layers. Ace!


Hadamard’s "The Parting Of The Ways" instantly follows with a solid new school cut enhanced by heading vocals.


Thanks to synthesized "18 (Eighteen)", discrete Holtz injects a serious dose of EBM enriched with 80's sounds on the compilation: the track is counterbalanced by the inescapable dancefloor rhythms of Iron Blu's "Iscariot".


Fusing the soul of Detroit Techno with the production ethos of today, Kan3da signs on "Bluejam" a vibrating tribute to the 90’s. In contrast, Luke Eargoggle’s crystalline music serves up a darkly soulful "Vanish Forever". The compilation goes on with Scape One’s "Off Limits" and SSRI’s “Organic Processor(brain) As A VCO", two almighty hits.


Finally 4 TA/RA returns to the dancefloor with brilliant "Constricted CV".


Remote Influence intends to deliver fresh, exclusive music to their audience while never straying away from their roots. With many of the tracks moving away from the strict syncopated parameters of Electro music production, the horizons of Remote Influence looks shinny. This surprising first shot rounds up everything from contemporary and modern music bringing you into the depths of Electro.


The CD, available in limited edition (300 copies) comes complete with a small leaflet, including biographies and words from each of the artists featured on the compilation. Highly recommended!




Written by: Chris Nexus 6

April 2015