The U.K. Electro imprint founded in 2009 by Lloyd Da Zoid (Dominance Electricity) and Diplomat (Electrolab), is back with a vengeance after a break of three years!


Following the still highly recommended "Galactic Funk - Constellations L.P." back in 2011, Electro Avenue's seventh release offers another conceptual 2x12" vinyl opus based upon Time, contrary to the previous release which was dealing with Space.


Available in a 200 limited double edition colored album (red & green), the compilation features some of the best Electronic Artists of the moment: each of them has returned into the past to pick up a year and combine its mood to his musical style. The end results in a very attractive and eclectic release, reviewing more than three decades of Electro!


U.K. Techno/Hardcore DJ "The Producer" (The Third Movement, Hong Kong Violence) opens the A side with "Unfathomable Depths (1989)", a milestone of a dark cut where Cylons voices fuse into ravey samples and synth arpeggios.


With cosmic "The First Parsec (3035)" coming next, German Dagobert (Dominance Electricity) signs a futuristic tune a la Daft Punk full of fearsome breaks and counter tempos.


LionFX (Love Love Records) brings us back into the 80's with oldschoolish "Droid Slum (1984)", a fantastic retro jam based upon funky synth flights over a bubbling 808.


On the B side, U.K. DMX Krew (Breakin' Records, Fresh Up Records) mixes with skill funky vocals to a sharp bassline, turning "System Overload (2014)" from infamous duo "The System" into an untouchable reinterpretation.


German Dibu-Z (Heraldic.SPb) will make you want to do the smurf on "Untitled (1986)", a freestylin' tune made of frantic scratches and robotic beats a la Grandmaster Flash over electrifying C64 sounds, while Swedish Daniel Savio (Dødpop, House of Wisdom) goes back many years earlier, delivering a deep soundscape a la Moroder on "Angel Dust (1978)".


From the classic orchestral manoeuver of "New World Order (1893)" from Spanish Downrocks (Beathazard), to the psychedelic experiments of U.S. Reeno (Spazzoid Records) on "Night In (1975)", passing through the N.Y. old school roots of "1982" by Electro Avenue All Stars Feat. Kool Rock Ski, "Time" multiplies epic musical moments, diving the opus into timeless twilights.


Thanks to modern "Sexual Peak (2012)", an alienating track enhanced with hot vocals, Hadamard (Solar One Music, Last Known Trajectory) brings us back into the future, whereas Finland duo Mr. Velcro Fastener (Cyber Dance Records) concludes the C side with emotive and moody "1992".


If British Artificial Arm (Mullet Records) delivers with "1983" a pure funky and discoish anthem, Munich based Thomas Kress (Robotmachine Records) returns on the dancefloor with his "Artificial Fame (1977)".


Before closing the release, half of Kronos Device Dexorcist (Yellow Machines, SMB Records), serves up with "Untitled (1988)" an authentic bboy gem, energized with classic old school samples.


As a conclusion, newcomer Herobotic punctuates the double L.P. with emotional "Out of Time (0000)". In its digital version, "Time" comes with five bonus tracks from the like of Robert Cosmic, The System, Daniel Savio, Diplomat, and LionFX.


To sum up, generous "Time" offers an eclectic selection of refine cuts to turn pale the Electro connoisseurs. Must have!




Written by: Chris Nexus 6

April 2015