Code Rising - Give Us Some Space EP

In the prolongation of their "Nightriders E.P." published a month ago, the South Florida based duo, Matt "Ronon" Lancaster and Ryan "Kounterakt" Phillips, hits hard with another nasty Electro Bass E.P. of their trademark.


Returning to their Propulsion Records label after a short remix appearance on Inhuman Designed's must have "Grown For The Cyborgs Part 2: The Scout Missions", Code Rising proudly presents their evil "Give Us Some Space E.P."!


Being composed of two insane cuts, this brand new digital pack gathers together all the components that guarantee to put you in a circle. Ace "8-Bits n' Pieces" kicks off hostilities with an intricate atmosphere. a combination of C64 tones, Sci-fi Fx and untouchable synth distortions, this mash up of old school samples plus analog frequencies offers an uncompromising mixture of robotic rhythms.


Instantly following the opening dark sound on the first track, forward thinking "Lost Control" serves up a powerful slaughter a la Jackal & Hyde made of subsonic modulations and loud frequencies over terrific drums. Enhanced by haunting melodies and merciless dancefloor beats, this underground piece of hardcore Electro draws its power from its Industrial roots. For die-hard Electro Bass heads only!


"Give Us Some Space E.P." comes just on point before the WMC, where Code Rising will play! Don't miss their apocalyptic performing on stage. The end of the world is near with these two renegades.




Written by: Chris Nexus 6

April 2015