Bass Agenda Presents #10: Noamm & Miss Noir - Plasma Wave EP

Their dark dress code could let us think that Noamm & Miss Noir come from the Gothic scene., but their music tells us something completely different: the band hailing from Greece has been largely influenced by synthesizers music, from EBM, to New Wave passing through New Beat.


Signing the 10th edition of the "Bass Agenda Presents" Series, this new discovery from label owner Andy Bass Agenda, delivers here a remarkable E.P., defending another approach of Electro music.


Characterized with heading and gloomy melodies, the digital pack kicks of with "Cold Memories", a milestone of a tune combining great synth parts to haunting female vocals. This electrifying piece of sounds is instantly followed by dark "Miaplacidus", an obscure yet insidious mash up of sinister layers, subsonic frequencies, punishing beats and bubbling tonalities.


The title track "Plasma Wave", coming next, merges up unhealthy strings to an energizing rhythm, while menacing sororities progressively blow the tune into a syncopated swirl. Dark as Hell!


Final cut "We Are Machines", my favorite, offers an authentic New Beat underground mayhem based upon a slow tempo, some repetitive kicks, and Industrial waves in the background driving you till the end of the night.


This first shot from Noamm & Miss Noir is nothing short of eclectic and insane. Highly recommended!







Written by: Chris Nexus 6

May 2015