Resting Cell - Hypothalamic Replacement

The gyroscopic label Anti Gravity Device from Japan, returns after a short break with another milestone of an E.P., this time from electronic and Acid Techno producer "Resting Cell", hailing from Cleveland OH, USA, .


Author of an already prolific discography on structures such like Body Control Records, Recycled Plastics, and his own Virtual Urban Records, this insane artist has been in the music business for more than five years now.


Distilling an over-boosted sound with influences ranging from IDM and Acid genres, the Anti Gravity Device new signature delivers today a hot five tracker E.P.; one of his best releases, full of Doom, dark and Sci-Fi tones.


In overture of the digital pack, beatless "Frictional Collapse" offers an intricate construction with lazy piano melodies and interferences. Disturbing "Hypothalamic Replacement" instantly following, signs a wonderful cut where scientist lyrics from an obscure laboratory combine with an ultra speed rhythm. Scary!


Climax of the E.P., urban "Lambda 5" comes next with acidic loops over deep modular distortions making you feel like crossing an inhabited yet insecure megapolis at night.


Energizing "Swirling Escape" serves up some toxic drums with Detroitish touches a la Godfather, while as a conclusion, downtempo "Ion Resistance" ends the release with experimental and funky waves, to bring you closer to the Warp catalog.


Collection of syncopated beauties, "Hypothalamic Replacement" provides lots of emotions: synths, effects and rhythm machines serving up great feelings and melodies throughout. Not the kind of Electro(nic) music we are used to discovering and appreciating everyday. I'm 100% addicted!







Written by: Chris Nexus 6

May 2015