dynArec - Looping Love Lane EP

Hailing from Paris, French Nocta Numerica Records inaugurates this month the first of a hopefully long series of Electro-Techno E.P.'s in vinyl as well as digital formats.


Growing up to the sound of radio CBS, the label head Charles Veilletet confesses a strong predilection for Italo, Cosmic, Electro and 4/4 music from Chicago, Detroit or Den Haag. No doubt we'll find these genres on the imprint's forthcoming outputs.


For now, let's start with the funky Detroit style of infamous dynArec (Vaporwave, KONDI, Southern Outpost, Puzzlebox, Delsin), on the debut "Looping Love Lane EP" (available in 12" and digital formats).


DynArec's name is synonymous of quality. Multiplying releases recently on Bass Agenda Records, Solar One Music, New Flesh, Electrix and a couple of others structures, the French wizard introduces today a solid four tracker tinged with retro vibes.


The A side opens with the title track, "Looping Love Lane", a melodic Electro-Clash cut enhanced by heading lyrics a la Adult. Nostalgic synth flights will remind of IF's "Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass". My advice: listen carefully to the track till the end, the last few notes sound like a wink to 60's SciFi B-Movies.


Classy "Press P" coming next is more dancefloor oriented, serving up some fearsome Drexciyan beats to move your feet while moody arpeggios take control of your soul. The track appears with nice justice like female vocals to put a large smile on your face!


"Haptic Trace" on the flipside kicks off with Dopplereffekt-like Electro drums, but instantly follows with a powerful 4/4 rhythm. The tune brings the best of the Detroit and Netherlands scenes through metallic tones plus deep, funky and eerie sounds. Ace!


Heir of Drexcyia, Dopplereffekt and Arpanet sound, dynArec offers here an inspiring E.P., full of well produced Electro/Techno tempos. Cold Colors will be the next signature on Nocta Numerica Records and is already working on a stunning next release. Watch this space for more information as we'll follow the label with care and give you regular news.






Written by: Chris Nexus 6

May 2015