V/A - Slice of Pie Vol.1

As you might know now, Technobass.net being an Electro blog, we rarely review Techno outputs. But we'll make an exception with this release, 'cause it deserves some lines for many reasons.


First of all, "Slice of Pie Vol.1" marks the debut compilation from promising UK label "Pie Factory Productions", owned by Adam Lincoln and his partner Aubrey King. With two recommended E.P.'s in 2014, "Looking Directly Into The Sun" and "Shrapnel Valley", these enthusiastic and emerging artists have proudly kept the Rave flag straight in the air, under their Teknocracy moniker! Then, for this 12", they both decided to bring in London underground veterans Jerome Hill and Dexorcist as they are big fans of their work as DJs and producers.


No need to introduce Jerome Hill (I Love Acid, Power Vacuum, Music Mondays), a Rave pioneer and the legend everybody knows behind structures such like Don't and Super Rhythm Trax. With hypnotic “The Bogey Track”, Jerome introduces on A side a reworked version of his lumbering Techno banger from 2003. Merging up a powerful kick to heading lyrics plus early Rave samples, the tune sounds like a warehouse burner. Irresistible!


Hiding behind the Abraham Cowley pseudo, Dexorcist has already shown his deep Rave roots on Yellow Machines in 2011. Yet, on fascinating "Elevator Going Down", the Electro Avenue and Battle Trax artist signs an outstanding Electro cut of his trademark, to bring closer to his dark Industrial works along with Bass Junkie on the Kronos Device project. Dexorcist at its best IMO!


On the reverse, Teknocracy's "Suspiria", featuring vocals by Miss Techno Fluffer, offers a mind blowing 4/4 slaughter where they fuse early 90's sounds to metal and cyberpunk influences. While a powerful yet groovy bassline drives the listener into an unhealthy zone, this monster of a hit embodies the Rave spirit in modern dance music, inviting you to jump on the dancefloor!


"Dilettantism", a new brain-washing project Adam started up with DJ Boycey, concludes the E.P. with nasty "Better Late Than Never", a soulful yet provoking piece of Techno, ideal to wake up the dancefloor at 4am!


With "Slice of Pie Vol.1", Pie Factory Productions hits hard thanks to a flawless line-up and four untouchable weapons of mass destruction ranging from Electro to Techno. Must have!







Written by: Chris Nexus 6

May 2015