V/A - Elektrodos: The Compilation Vol.1

Good things come to those who wait! Following the resounding success of Bass Agenda and DVS NME, infamous Spanish radio show Elektrodos, run by Lara Ramos, proudly presents it’s long awaited debut release.


Served up by a plethora of Electro heavyweights, "Elektrodos: The Compilation Vol.1" vividly celebrates the 100th show and represents a tribute to the artists already broadcasted. The tracklisting speaks for itself, featuring no less than 20 evil contributions from emerging and established talents.


Rich textures melt with evil ambience, as Amper Clap's introduction titled "Message From Hell", gives the tone of an opus characterized by deep, gloomy and inspiring melodies.


Ascension Électronique's "Coming Into Being" signs a soulful piece of synthetism marked by a slow tempo and fascinating synth flights: the least we could expect from FBI Recordings label owner Morphogenetic.


The compilation then allows some 4/4 digressions thanks to Dave Hayden aka RogueFrequency. Under his new Binary Systems moniker, the Irish genius delivers an amazing "Hydrochloride" cut, full of Techno beats, Detroit sororities and this little "je-ne-sais-quoi" that turns the track into something unique!


From the dystopian vision of Cody Commando's 90's "X-Ray Delta One", to the despairing atmosphere of Derfyl's "My Evil Ways", passing through the funky constructions of Dark Vektor's "Tensual", the opus expresses its gamut perfectly, serving up elegant waves over atmospherically and saturated compositions.


With its untouchable acid line, "Hawaiian Airlines" from French killer Franck Kartell paves the way for harder jams, starting off with "Virus" by Gravedad Cinética, a retro inspired Electro tune enriched by heading arpeggios and forward-thinking strings.


A deeper and far more edgy affair, Juan Del Rio's "Synthetic Crossing" comes strong providing vibrant sequences and an eerie space, before the frenzy of old school roots return with "Communication" from Lektroid and "Tu Programa De Electro" by MIDI K84.


"Bad Influences" by Negocius Man and "The Mission Bass" by Orko, go deeper into the realm merging hard-hitting beats to conscious layers, while "Electro Philosophy" from Robertiano Filigrano finds some inspiration in the legendary city of Detroit.


Silicon Scally depicts a bleepy, funky future on "System Addict", whereas Tainted Cell brings the purpose back into the dancefloor thanks to "Data 300".


If The Outsider offers on "Hitcher" a wink to Horrific movies from the 80's, The Zenobit3 leads us with "Hellseeker" to sinister landscapes. Before the compilation ends, Vema & Diodes offers on "My Game", a vintage cut full of C64 tonalities, as final cut "Sailing Stars", a powerful jam from Yoshihiro Hayashi, concludes the opus on a classy note.


Elektrodos show keeps the underground scene alive with this album available for FREE on Bandcamp! This ultimate digital pack, hopefully the first of a long series, covers in a wonderful way the whole spectrum of Electro music to capture its essence and make you jump into the future. Highly recommended!







Written by: Chris Nexus 6

May 2015