Tainted Cell - Irreversible

With "The Machine Stops", "CyberFucker" and "Gamma", Tainted Cell proved already that this Andalusian duo has lots of talent to produce pure and solid Electro. The 8 Digi track Album "Irreversible" confirms and draws the line by that Tainted Cell becomes Irreversible in itself.


Songs like "Distorted Reality", "Sins Of Madian", "Sintaxis", and "Nu-Tron", are weaved with lightening sequences, which bathe in a dangerous atmosphere with the use of analogue sound mixed by digital programs, contributing to the threatening, widely drawn out sound sketches. The trademark of Tainted Cell however, are the vocoder lines, which in a really chilly way use fearsome voices to point in the direction of injustice and news facts.


'Drone'", the sound of clattering metal, sparkling fire that the body of a decayed silo's just lit up in memorium to a vomiting voice from a distant past, and my personal highlight, refers in her sound to the post Industrial era where tremendous drones circle above our heads.


"Invasion" is another dark sound carpet that is swinging its way along draughty ditches, while "SelfDestruction" has got the Bleep and closes the line with the message of what's Irreversible. The end of everything!


Tainted Cell delivers a brilliant first complete Digi Album and the best has maybe yet to come. Support now by purchasing their album from the artist's Bandcamp page!







Written by: Labyrinth E

May 2015