Bass Agenda Presents #11: ITPDWIP - 7000 EP

The London Electro imprint returns with the eleventh edition of its "Bass Agenda Presents" series. On command, versatile Heinz Kammler, the owner of the brand new Remote Influence label, whose first release was reviewed here on in April.


Under his enigmatic ITPDWIP moniker (for Instant Teleportation Process Detected While In Process), the Greek artist and DJ serves up a wonderful debut E.P. characterized by a solid sound identity! The four first tracks on "7000 EP" are live takes, and showcase Heinz's great ability to fuse tension and SciFi atmosphere into his music.


"Ally Says It All" kicks off the digital pack with dark synth arpeggios over a reduced 808 rhythm. Synthetic and heading at the same time, the tune distillates an unhealthy vision perfect to introduce ITPDWIP's universe made of 50's and 70's influences (from movies to books).


Set in a néo-noir world future, melodic "Implant & CO Agent" coming next serves up another milestone of a jam, one of my favorites, based upon Detroitish sororities, and sparse industrial oscillations. This authentic mayhem is instantly followed by hypnotic "After 7 Hz You Can Observe", a raw and well cadenced hit to bring us closer to some of Scape One's works.


Fascinating "Eto Ya" slows the tempo down to offer a heavy bass gem haunted by intricate vocals, drawing the soundtrack to a non-existent movie filled with a sinister imagery, before the E.P. ends up with a remixed version from Drum Machinee, a member of the Anopolis collective, telling a much anticipating space story beyond the Aldebarande boundary.


Hope you'll enjoy this voyage into the depths of powerful Electro as much as I dig it! Another fantastic discovery on Bass Agenda alluring analogue synth sequences, punishing dark basslines, electronic bleeps, brilliant synth pads and leads.







Written by: Chris Nexus 6

June 2015