T/Error - U 235

Following his still highly recommended "D7" L.P. published early this year on Bass Agenda Recordings, T/Error invests in the Atlanta based label Body Control with another inevitable opus of his trademark. Expect here nothing but tense Electro tones with delays, reverbs and lots of B movie references serving the cause of a dystopian future!


The title track "U 235" opens the release with a cultivated mixture of distorted oscillations and 60's SciFi samples warning about outer space radiations killing life on Earth. The tone is given! Much anticipating "Nuclear Winter" instantly following offers a slow down of the tempo plus dark strings mutating into an horrific atmosphere.


Frantic "Dynamic mutation" succeeds with its fearsome robotic vocals over sinister layers and almighty rhythm, while urban "Ionizing Radiation" showcases incredible sound manipulations combined to a meticulous bassline. Going deeper into the realm, "Not Safe" turns into a loud affair, merging astonishing voices to synthetic pads enhanced by luxurious effects.


Experimental "Uranyl Hydroxide Vapours" signs a tremendous jam based upon melodic sequences, heavy compression, sharp modulations and heading frequencies. Ace! 


Interspersed by intricate breaks, distorted "Xenon 129" returns on the dancefloor to increase the album tension. Absolute climax of the opus, disillusioned "U 238", my favorite, goes on then in a quest of a perfect world. Characterized by organic sororities and despair strings, this beauty gives the album a magistral twilight.


Final cut "Pythagoras" concludes the CD with catchy melodies, robotic lyrics, punishing drums and a dark chorus that will haunt your brain!


Hailing from Roma, Italy, T/Error (Borg Recordings) offers a new demonstration of his apparently unlimited talent to depict with a sense of drama, a post apocalyptic universe where only mutants survived. For this exercise, he has no rivals.







Written by: Chris Nexus 6

June 2015