Kretz - Gemeinsamheitsinformationen Remixed Edition

Barely two months after the release of "Gemeinschaftsinformationen", Kretz presents the remixes album of his original digital title. Not that the remixes have been placed on the market hastily as an afterthought, on the contrary, a large part of the reworked numbers had already been waiting for a while in the bin. For the Electro lover, it may be called a blessing for this quick release!


The thirteen remixed songs are a true Bull's eye and lifting the original songs to a higher level. Jonas Lund chose for the remixing the accurate persons, who are gems to their favor. Producers for which the respect can only grow over the years . Kretz is a loyal member of the "Plonk Community", of which he is one of the driving forces.


"Hakan Lidbo's" opener "Gemeinsamheits Informationen" floats on an ancient New Beat Cadence that can be an ideal warm up on many dance floors. Joteknik's remix of "We Are Living In A Speculative Society" on the other hand, weighs in heavily on the society over which it is referring to. It is also the starting shot of one message after another. Kretz is Machine Pop with a message. Jonas Lund and his companions pull no punches. A society that is warped by its history, is in urgent need to review it, and question the powerful messages through the collaboration of the listeners; bending their head over cold blooded speculation of man and nature.


Machine Brennt and Deutsche Bank condemn the "Elite Gesellschaft",  which burns in a lingering and rattling way. Deutsche Bank wipes the floor of this speculative society with a rumbling EBM bassline provided by bone marrow exercises. Next up, Tobitron conjures up "They Monitor Us" to a hysterical and cinematic fearful image. In addition, "We Are Connected Through Notes" embodies the whole design of this remix album, as if Soul mates who have found each other by means of Electro.


Kretz's "Dub Mix" of "Konzum wird Unsere Tod" underlines the importance of dub; the dark side of Reggae. The dark side of a life in which the stuffed man swallows his own downfall. "Democracy In Decline's" remix by "Pi-xl" rolls eastward by a well-oiled sequence and swirly synth waves, while the Psilodump remix brings back "Too Many Choices Interfere With Creativity" in the style of the crazy years of the 90's. The silicone expanded as such to highlight on how the consumer society is a slave to an overabundance of choices. "Zorg Industries", who also remixes the song, are also observant of the oversupply of the individual, and let the vocoder speak: "Work, Consume, Obey" by noting that the hectic pace of our society loses the thread of it all.


Luke Eargoggle makes clear through his remix that to "Eliminate Xenophobia" is totally out of the question, while Datapop prevails on their remix of "Fear Me ( I am The Dictator )" with the hysterical and frightening vocals "Fear me to make my dreams come true". The wet dream of every dictator: Anxiety and fear!


The Modulation remix of "Progression ist der Schlüssel" (Progression is the key), creeps and groans tired up to the end, where the tragic and ruthless is covered by Neon's "Apocalypse mix" version of "We Will Destroy The Future"; An immersive and almost reduced song that exhorts the essence to change, and if possible, yesterday!


This album is a must for the Electro enthusiast who lives with a clear head in an ever-transforming Society. Purchase this now through the artist's Bandcamp page, you won't be let down.








Written by: =Labyrinth E=

June 2015