Moog System 55 Limited Re-issue

As if we hadn't had enough monumental re-issues, and brand new releases of amazing analog and digital hardware coming out in the recent years, Moog, the king of the synth, just had to come home roaring in, reminding everyone of who started it all. Here, the company re-issues the beheamoth once known as the "System 55" Modular Wall system, revisited with such an attention to detail, it could only be sold in an extremely limited number of pieces, and at a whopping $35,000 each.


Unfortunately Moog has always been a company that has been on the more expensive side of things, and out of the reach of the average synth aficionado, yet the company has always remained however, true to their craft, always manufacturing everything by hand and with a great deal of focus on high-quality material. Some call it, the Rolls Royce of synthesizers, and we agree!


The new re-issue of the Moog System 55 unit, is a true re-issue, having every part used in the original built in 1973, put into this new version, hand soldered and utilizing traditional wiring techniques, all stuffed into 2 beautiful walnut-finished cabinets, with the optional keyboard also encased in a walnut wood finish. 


While these machines are not the kind of synth you'd want to play beautiful complex melodies using chords, the sonic possibilities that can be achieved especially in the abstract realm are truly limitless. If you were ever a fan of old school Tangerine Dream albums like Phaedra and Rubycon, then you get the idea of what can be achieved. 


Available to you at all times are 1 921 Voltage Controlled Oscillator and 6 921B Oscillators controlled by 2 921A Oscillator Drivers, a 903A Random Signal Generator, Classic Moog Filtration via a 904A Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter and a 904B Voltage Controlled High Pass Filter, a 914 Fixed Filter Bank; which is a different form of a filter utilized by the synth, 5 902 Voltage Controlled Amplifiers, 5 911 Envelope Generators, a 911A Dual Trigger Delay, 995 Attenuator,1 961 Interface for V and S Triggers, a 962 Sequential Switch; all feeding the mayhem in and out to the machine via a 992 Control Voltage Panel for routing to the LPF, 993 Trigger and Envelope Voltages Panel, 994 Dual Multiples Panel for signal splitting, a CP2 Console Panel, 3 CP3A Console Panels, and 1 CP8 Console Panel; even including the much beloved 960 Sequential Controller (a Modular Sequencer) for what the company says will aid in "incorporating extensive rhythmic complexity into the creative process". 


What does all that mean? It means lots of initial confusion of course (unless you are a seasoned modular pro) leading to eternal satisfaction and inspiration in ways you can't even begin to imagine. A full-fledged synthesizer alone like a MiniMoog Voyager XL is enough to cross your eyes, and make your mouth water...but this, this ladies and gentlemen is stepping into a whole 'nother realm where the sky is truly NOT the limit, even space is not enough to keep you back from achieving the most complex of tones, sequences, and even monophonic synth melodies and basslines unlike anything you have every heard!


Like mentioned, this is not for the faint of heart, and it is most certainly not for the average person who can barely make ends meet, let alone spend $35,000 on what is undoubtedly a beautiful instrument and a piece of history. That said, if your wallet can meet the demand, do yourself a favor, and get this beauty! Its a bit more like being at the controls of a spaceship, than it is playing your proverbial synthesizer though, so don't bite off more than you can chew! However, that said, Moog always comes legit, and with the high-quality to back up what they advertise. 


Also available as re-issues from Moog, are the System 35 Modular Synthesizer, as well as the super-cool touring buddy, the Moog Model 15, not to mention the "Complement B" sequencer expansion rack. Yes, we are officially back in the 70s folks, sans the heavy perfume and polyester bell-bottom suits...but who knows, fashions always make a comeback, analog did, and we weren't expecting that one either!



Wrriten by: Santino Fernandez

June 2015