Sync 24 and Morphology - Low Pass Gateway

Cultivated Electronics returns with "Low Pass Gateway", a collaboration effort between label mastermind Sync 24, and iconic duo Morphology. 4 tenacious cuts of Electro ingenuity delivered with precision. These two acts are not for the faint of heart, and have always been consistent in their dedication to the craft, never wavering in their skill and determination to push the envelope of our sound.


The first song on the 12" is "Bleeding Diodes", everything you would expect when coupling the uncanny genius of Sync 24, with the classy Techno composure of Morphology. Soothing and beautiful synths just the way Morphology likes it, decorate the space for crisp analog sawtooth basslines to drive the force of tenacious rhythms, assisted by a wild assortment of mind-bending sequences in the signature style of Sync 24. Ace song, wow! if this is how things start, what else? Let's go find out. 


Next up "Abstract Index" comes in with 4x4 beats, as reverberated percussive elements set an almost tribal feel. Before long, the destructive Electro Bass beats come in hard and without mercy, as otherworldly sonic effects take us deeper into the minds of the artists. Soulful synths inspire melancholy, accompanied by gleaming and playful arpeggios that wrap it all up into a classy 21st century Electro-Techno song.


"Foreign Fruit" comes in next with a sinister vibe full of laser shots and mischievous bleeps and blurps, as a delinquent bassline moves about with full fury. A great one for the dancefloor in those earlier hours, to shock the mind and soul back into submission with the brooding arrangement of melodies found here.


Last we have "Phase Crush", which lives up to its name with pounding 808 beatz, and haunting sound interactions soon met by a dope bassline that gets into the groove of things. Glitched out sequencing get galloping as enigmatic synths sweep in and out with such a delicate nature. This one is a bit reminiscent of the works by MAS 2008, and is perhaps the best on the it hard! Ace track.


Such class can only be expected when you put two artists of this caliber together, who apart are quite the opposite, yet when combined their talents each shine strongly as something twice as good is created in the midst of it all. Buy this, and support the scene! It will only survive with your true dedication and support, otherwise works like this will one day be a thing of the past, and you might wonder in denial why that might have happened. Together is the only way forward, just look at what that concept did for creating this record. 





Written by: Santino Fernandez

June 2015