V/A - Galactic Creatures

Space Factory returns with a delightful compilation providing the very best of the current Electro trends. The concept behind "Galactic Creatures" was to gather together some of the best Electro representatives on a mission to put you in a circle, to which the challenge succeeded with this refined digital selection of no less than 19 cuts from awesome and established artists worldwide.


The album starts with too short "Galactic Creatures Theme", a deep introduction to the Electro vision of French Workerpoor (Battery Park Studio), the man behind the Space Factory label along side with its creator infamous David Carretta (Zone, Space Factory, International Deejay Gigolo Records, Thrust). Serving up an atmospheric piece full of synth flights over a slow tempo, the cut turns into an Electro mayhem just before Djedjotronic (Boysnoize Records, Zone 13) takes control of the machines to deliver "Verified", an intricate tune of his trademark with sharp 808 drums and weird vocals.


The album then takes you on a trip through the dystopian vision of Electro Punisher (Fundamental Records, Battery Park Studio). On "Dead Planet", the Roma based artist offers a hypnotic yet tense cut while infamous Thomas Kress (Robotmachine Records) signs a robotic "Electronic Isolator", full of syncopated beats and lyrics.


On "Mayall Objects", Workerpoor finds again his partner in crime Claristidge (Mille Feuilles). Together, they signed an epic "Falklands War" E.P. on Battery Park Studio in 2014. This new classy collaboration between the two takes place in the straight prolongation of their digital release last year.


From the clear synth lines of "A Million Of Useful Things" by UK veteran Scape One (Electrix Records, Templedog), to the oldschoolish atmosphere of "The Night Shift" by prolific -=UHU=- (Body Control Records, Transient Force), passing through the reedit of classic "Compression (Wet Baby Mix)" by legendary Anthony Rother (Psi49net, Datapunk), the digital pack proposes a perfect balance between efficiency, beauty and much anticipating sororities.


Combination of biting drums enriched with vitamins, "Sleepfighting" sees Radioactive Man (Rotters Golf Club, Reinhardt) increasing the rhythm whereas "The Tale Of The Briny Lagoon" from French dynArec (Nocta Numerica Records, Bass Agenda Recordings) returns on the dancefloor thanks to a groovy bassline and some Detroit electric touches.


If "Systemausfall", from emerging talent Commuter (Battery Park Studio, Treem), signs up a Rotherish cut enhanced by emotive layers, sinister "Deep Space Exploration" from Electro Techno veteran Umwelt (New Flesh Records, Rave Or Die) offers a wonderful combination of soulful strings and cosmic tones, immersing the listener into an abyss of darkness.


Sublime "Laboratoire Voiron" from another French demanded artist, Voiron (Craki Records, Concrete Music), delivers a melodic Electro Techno jam fusing influences from Aphex Twin, LFO and Art Of Noise. Ace!


Experimental "All In The Edge" showcases the ability of Spanish Alek Stark (Fundamental Records, Transient Force) to marry sharpen claps and gloomy vocals with vintage breaks. "Yes Needs No" from The Populists (Space Factory) captivates with its haunting vocals, discrete yet efficient acidic loops and edginess.


"Sad Days" sounds like another demonstration of the French Electro potential. Written by infamous Automat (Minimum Syndicat, SCSI-AV), the cut merges up punishing beats to early 90's flavors with fearsome 303 flights in order to make you dance. Top notch!


Back to more sweetness with "Hallucination", one of Jauzas The Shining's best Electro cuts to date carrying all the components you would expect from the Last Known Trajectory regular signature, namely warped out bass fused into subtle EBM lines plus attractive robotic vocals. Very naughty!


Emotive "Homeworld", one of my favorites on the opus from UK legend Silicon Scally (Satamile, SCSI-AV), turns into a deep affair, while beat less "Galactic Creatures End Title" from Alek Stark (Fundamental Recordings) concludes the CD masterfully on horrific and intricate notes.


Essential "Galactic Creatures" showcases a great variety of sounds and talents, thanks to its high level track list, carefully selected by Workerpoor. A true masterpiece and probably one of the most interesting compilations of this first half of the year! Rush on it.







Written by: Chris Nexus 6

June 2015