Sigh Society - Swell E.P.

With numerous appearances and releases on structures such as Transonic Records, Syzygy Records or Victor Entertainment, Inc. just to name a few, Kiyoshi Hazemoto has made a name for himself since his beginnings in the early 90's.


Evolving under various disguises including PC-8 and Interferon, the Japanese artist invests today the Nekon Records label under his famous Sigh Society moniker to deliver an inspiring E.P. halfway between the Electro, Breaks, Techno and Electronica roads.


The title track "Swell" opens the digital pack with beautiful synth arpeggios bringing us way back into time when Techno, Rave and Trancey genres were fusing together. This fat and enthusiastic overture introduces then another milestone of a track: "Why", featuring nOrikO, which serves up an emotive tune based upon female vocals and echoes scanning "Why" over deep melodies. Not really Electro, not really Techno, but borrowing musical codes from both genres. Top notch!


Warpean "Indigo Bunting" instantly following combines sharp synthetic strings to complex arrangements while "Moving Tetra", keeping the tempo going with high-energy 909, offers epic 4/4 moments. Very classy!


The E.P. comes fully equipped with three remixes of the main track "Swell". If Linkabel & Chigira sign here a stellar remix, the Anti-Gravity Device mastermind AE35 (Fdb Recordings, Battery Park Studio) delivers something beyond astral, turning his rework into an interstellar piece of Electro enhanced by a solid bassline, some bleeps and harmonies laying in the background. Final remix by 696SystemS (Nekon Records) captures the essence of the original to sublime it, offering another fantastically spawned gem.


Tough and funky at the same. A highly, refreshingly E.P. number which deserves to be heard LOUD! Get it now.







Written by: Chris Nexus 6

July 2015