[Wave ~ Equations] - Abkehr Der Vernunft

If you like your electronic music sweet and peaceful, here comes an album I would highly recommend.


Written and self produced by Berlin based Hanz Holzer in Germany, "Abkehr Der Vernunft" serves up a brilliant debut opus containing no less than ten tracks ranging from Ambient to more Electronica based sounds.


The CD starts off with two contemplative songs, "Sandelholz" and "Imperial Topaz", characterized by heading synth lines plus cosmic tonalities. You'll feel as if you were propelled into space, flying at the boundaries of the stratosphere...Exactly at the junction point where sounds from Earth yield ground to the silence of the Universe.


Driven by a slow 808 rhythm, "Dust Particles" coming next leads to unexplored fields, to take a rest. From this point, intricate "Parallax Second" opens a door to a twilight zone from where the listener will escape. Mix up of synthetic and classic instruments (such like trumpets or saxophone), the track delivers some weird moments based upon trippy sequences.


Blade Runnerish "Bonepipe Ritual" instantly following offers an epic journey into no man's land. Made of fascinating synth lines, the tune signs an emotive lament rocked by IDM influences.


Unleashing the beat, elegant "Grapes And Wire [Pt.1]" delivers a refreshing Tech-House tune enhanced by classy strings while "Grapes And Wire [Pt.2]" develops a more hypnotic approach.


Combination of sporadic female vocals, subtle echoes and frantic violins, beatless "Golden Brown Algaebra" serves up a moody interlude, whereas scary "Endurance" returns on the dancefloor thanks to a groovy 4/4 rhythm over some dark melodies!


Final cut "Spiritualist Sunday School", a stripped back tune made of intricate SciFi waves, masterfully concludes the album with eerie sounds, shimmering sound effects, electrifying impulses, drone tonalities and minimalistic programming.


Brilliant "Abkehr Der Vernunft" sounds like an authentic Electronica opus, drawing its cinematic atmosphere from many synthetic genres including Techno. Support this great artist by purchasing this album below!







Written by: Chris Nexus 6

July 2015