V/A - Ad Astra

Belgian Label "Les Disques Cockpit" presents here after 3 CD's by artist "Holtz", their first compilation titled "Ad ASTRA", which contains 14 different tracks from established and new producers in the Electro scene.


MagikBitum François, founder and owner of the Label, established it at the right moment, after being active in the Electro scene for 15 years, to compile the best tracks he collected during his journey and many contacts he got over the years.


"Vague Froide" opens the compilation with "Parallel Shift". Sebastien Maupeu, who operates from Liège (BE) at the banks of The Maes, bathes here in an icy chill. It perfectly reflects the heroic past of the shadow of the steel giant it once was.


"Holtz", one of the projects by MagikBitum François, signs here the track "32", the first highlight on the CD. An infectious rhythm is surrounded by feather-light gongs and ringing tones, as It reminds one of the frivolous early years of D.A.F., where "Der Rauber und der Prinz" were playful pattering on the dance floor. By the way "Vague Froid" and "MagikBitum"(Holtz) will both be present at the Festival "L-K-TRO" on the 11th of September, 2015 at Liège(BE), with INKAMERA(Victoria Lukas) and many others.


"Noamm & Miss Noir", the pride of Thessaloniki(GR) who've built up over the last year a solid reputation, delivers with the song "Subcellular Sensing", again a danceable track that has become a trademark of theirs. One of the features of Electro that I always like is that you don't need to take it too serious, which "Poladroïd" answers to that here perfectly with the "Batman Theme". If James Bond got a licence to kill, Batman got, thanks to Poladroïd, a licence to bark.


"Noise & Noise" from China, opens all the registers of the mystery that moves as a steam engine with "The Earth's Core", while Faceless Mind founded by Luke Eargoggle and Johan Inkinen in 2006, put a monotonous pace in with nagging synths, shrouded in a matchless dark landscape with "Slavskeppet".


"DVS NME", the second highlight, glides around with delicious lethargic sequencers on "High Rise". Das Munster from Germany on the other hand, goes a long way away and with "Rekategorierung", proves here that minimal or less often means more. All mighty Alek Stark coming next gives tongue-in-cheek where Electro belongs: "Underground"; his track contribution to the album.


"ITPDWIP" takes you on a journey with the track "Molecular Dispatch Sent Back To Forward", in a sound capsule oozing with effects and rattling soundscapes. "Mirror Shard", a track from "Mikron" founded in 2001, builds in the same style. A number that gently puts on to finish in the wisdom of its existence.


Matchless and a highlight once again, CPU's "Radarman", my personal favorite, is carried by a full bassline. The magic of shadowy vocals color the atmosphere with darkness, and pushes the voltage to an unprecedented peak. "Wizard's Glare" from FAH, lapping nervous and in an accelerated pace, threatens to derail, as it expands and in the end after a snail's pace gives the spirit to "Tunnel One"; misleading the listener with a silence of several minutes eventually erupting into a rap about the drama in the streets, with "Separate Instruction Manual".


This compilation is a fine balance between raw Electro, with a lot of sense to experiment and with endless imagination by the makers and producers. Get it now, you won't be let down!







Written by: Labyrinth E

July 2015