Lectromagnetique - The Occultist

Following his EP on Urban Kickz Recordings, Ivan Margolin aka Lectromagnetique returns to Bass Agenda Recordings with an outstanding digital pack!


As a regular signature on Andy Barton's London based label with already a couple of albums, "Alienation" and "Ghostly Region", Ivan delivers here his second E.P....and what an outing! Massive "The Occultist" offers three glitchy Electro cuts plus two reworks from French talents Commuter and Jauzas The Shining.


The five-tracker kicks off with synthetic "Ghosts Of Plutonium", an abstract jam based upon a slowed down rhythm, dramatic cinematic shockwaves and a creepy atmosphere. Awesome!


Gloomy is the word that comes to mind when thinking of "Occult Invasion", the second track of the E.P.. Dark layers combine to a deep bassline, while sharp acid loops surround rich textures with some intricate vocals laying in the background. Top notch!


"Spiritual Entity", one of my favorites, goes deeper into the realms, serving up a cosmic tune made of shimmering sound effects, beautiful distortions and electrifying impulses. Ace! 


Bordeaux based Jauzas The Shining (Last Known Trajectory, New Flesh Records), coming next, revisits "Ghosts Of Plutonium" into an inspirational acoustic beast, full of vibrant sequences, ranging from eerie subterranean caverns to vivid dream-like atmospheres.


Enhanced by catchy echoes and delays, this instant classic remix is followed by Commuter's Electrotech version. The recent Space Factory signature, also heard on Battery Park Studio, turns the original into a melodic piece of funk combined with fascinating lush synthesized pads, IDM influences, retro sound effects and percussive rhythmical loops.


With "The Occultist", Bass Agenda Recordings delivers another suspenseful E.P., halfway between movie soundtracks and dancefloor productions. Essential!







Written by: Chris Nexus 6

August 2015