V/A - Electrix Shox Volume 1

"Electrix Shox Volume 1" inaugurates a series of highly recommended compilations on Billy Nasty's legendary Electro imprint that you will not want to miss.


Celebrating his reunion to the London label after two essential releases on Electrix, "Westsiders EP" in 2000, and "Light Years Away LP" in 2003, The Advent (Kombination Research, Tresor, Internal) returns to Tortured Records' subdivision with two cuts on A side of the 12".


Introducing with "Eurodynamic" a retro piece of funk characterized with bleeps, computer games and C64 sounds, Cisco Ferreira demonstrates that he's still at ease in the Electro genre although having done most of his career pushing Techno to its limits. This track by the way is a collaboration between Cisco and his son Zein.


"Diverse Scope", my favorite, coming next showcases another facet of the U.K. artist's versatility, serving up a heading syncopated cut with dark layers and bubbling modulations.


On the flipside of the 12", Mazzula, an emerging talent influenced by Aux 88 or Dj Stingray, and regularly play-listed on Dave Clarke's White Noise Sessions makes a remarkable appearance. Crafted "Carl Craig Always Did" pays homage to the Detroit artist, but is also a hymn to the dancefloor offering an untouchable slaughter based upon destructive drums, progressive layers and untouchable modulations that make a great track! A future classic with subtleness and attention to details that reminds us of Umek's timeless "Zeta Reticula" EPs in 2000.


Groovy "Doors" instantly following signs another hit, moving forward to darker landscapes. A perfect conclusion for the E.P. that will fit for both Electro and Techno sets.


If you prefer the digital release, the pack offers two bonus tracks from the Stoke-On-Trent resident: rockin' "Satdee Night", a powerful cut enhanced by Mazzula's own vocals and synth pop "Sleeping Dragon" in a more Blade Runnerish atmosphere. 







Written by: Chris Nexus 6

September 2015