Frankie Bones: From Humble Beginnings To Historic Events

Frankie Bones is truly a man of history. Having been responsible for founding the American Rave scene, this tough-as-nails purveyor of our culture has been on a nonstop quest to spread the message of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect for over 25 years. Whether it is through his incredible DJ sets, productions, events, record name it!

A Credible Eye Witness: The Mystery Man Revealed!

Sometimes, those things that seem to be rare are exactly the things that we think of as gems; those that come unexpectedly and take their time in bringing their gift to fruition.

Umwelt: Rave Or Die...It's More Than Just A Saying

From Kommando 6 to Shipwrec passing through Satamile, Fundamental Records, Minimum Syndicat or Polybiux Trax, versatile talent Umwelt has been distilling his uncompromising sound universe since 1997 on some of the most underground Electro/Techno labels.

Satamile: Meet The Man Behind The Label That Never Quits!

This month we had the pleasure of sitting down with one of the leaders of the American Electro scene, Satamile Records NYC, who's founder Andrew takes us back to the early days of the US Rave scene where all things EDM in many ways began for us all. He talks about how Satamile the artist and the label got started, and what the scene was like in those days.

Andy Barton and David Moss: Free Real Music!

Do you remember the last time you bought a double CD compilation? These pieces of music have become so rare nowadays, that we couldn’t resist to bow to the audacious initiative of Bass Agenda Recordings head honcho Andy, and ex-Red Rhino Records assistant manager David Moss.

The Egyptian Lover: From Uncle Jam's Army To A One Man Empire

Greg Broussard aka The Egyptian Lover is a man of historical proportions, a true pioneer in our music for decades now and still going! Starting off an illustrious career with Uncle Jam's Army in the nascent L.A.