Nexus 23: Electro Hardcore Fusionist Joe Black on Music, Politics and More!

Nexus 23 is the brainchild of UK native Joe Black. At this point already a force to be reckoned with, he has made quite a name for himself over the past few years with an intense, hard-edged style that could only come from the heart and soul of this unique artist.

Anthony Horton aka Blak Tony: From The Shadows Of Detroit's Inner City, To The Spotlight Of The World Stage

Detroit is a very special place. To many who have not been there, it's easy to fall for the typical news story about Detroit's decay and political issues. But what most of those people do not see, is the tenacity of it's people, and the unique approach to the arts in particular that have made Detroit an incubator if you will, of some of the most amazing music to influence the entire world.

Mauro Nakimi: Living For Music, Making Music To Live

Sometimes you don't choose your life, life chooses for you. This is what happened to Mauro Nakimi, an awesome producer from Spain who spent the last three years working on his brand new album "Multimorphic". To understand the main concept behind his opus, we asked Mauro to introduce himself a little bit and go back to the origins of his passion for music. This is where it all began and where he acquired his non-compromizing character.  


DJ Q-bert: The Legendary Turntablist Talks Piklz, Dr. Octagon, Electro Bass, And Much More!

There are DJ's, and then there are turntablists! There is a question that has floated around the Hip Hop community for a long time, and that is: "What is a DJ if he can't scratch?" Well, in all fairness, perhaps the answer is a great DJ still. However, high above the clouds of great mixers and programmers, guys and gals who can blend 'em for hours it seems, and flawlessly at that, lies a whole 'nother world.

Illektrolab: Life, Bass And The Careful Balance Between Man And Machine

Sometimes, conciliating Electro with your way of life can be sporting. For almost 2 decades, Jason McCracken aka Illektrolab (Satamile, Duality Recs, Advanced Robotiks) has been haunting warehouses worldwide with some of the harshest dancefloor beats and subsonic Bass. But did you know that this versatile artist hailing from Arizona was also an adventure lover who found his Paradise in Costa Rica?

Debonaire Records: Taking It To The Max Since The Birth Of Electro Bass Music

Compilation of Debonaire Records releases in one imageEver since the late '80s, a strong force within the Miami Bass scene began to emerge as a new sound was being forged out of the booming 808 beats, high-energy rhythms and controversial concepts found in the music of 2 Live Crew and the like; what would eventually become known to many as Techno Bass, or Car Audio Bass Music if you were in the region and witnessed this fascinating time period.

EDMX: Meet The Man Behind DMX Krew And The Legendary Breakin' Records!

If you have been keeping up with the last 20 years of Electro Bass music, then you have probably been quite keen to the great influence that has come from what may be the UK's most cult classic imprint, Breakin' Records. A label that has brought us many amazing artists like Bass Junkie, and Mandroid, as well as one of the labels most interesting projects: DMX Krew!

Andy Barton (Bass Agenda Recordings): I Hope People Look At "Touched Bass" And Can’t Resist!

Electro against cancer, music against disease. Bass Agenda Recordings has teamed up with Touched Music to bring you on May 27th, 2016 a special compilation featuring some of the finest Electronic producers. Their mission: support Macmillan Cancer Support, as well as expose amazing artists to the masses.

DJ Debbie D: How One Woman Helped Shape A New Generation

For nearly three decades, DJ Debbie D has been at the forefront of the Breaks scene, expanding her influence across many genres; including the Electro Bass (Techno Bass) sub-genre, of which a whole new generation would come out of the Florida Rave scene bringing us the likes of James Wolfe, Jackal & Hyde, InHuman Designed and many others.

Scott Weiser From Jackal & Hyde: Words Of Wisdom From A True Master Of The Sound!

Scott Weiser is known to be a plain-spoken man. And when the "purveyor of the hardcore-Electro sound" gets the opportunity to talk about the syncopated scene, prepare for some lessons from a respectable veteran!

Lektroid: Richard Elliott Talks About His Love Of Music And Electronics

Richard Elliott aka Lektroid has been a name to look for in the scene for a number of years now, but something you may not know is that this is nothing new for him.

David Noller aka Scratch-D From Dynamix II: The Legendary Pioneer Speaks Out

Dave Noller is one of those names that truly needs no introduction, a household name to die-hard fans of Techno Bass music all around the world, and a pioneer in his own right.