Unité November - June 2017 Feature

French Electro artist Unité November, who recently released the wonderful Kraftwerkian "G.T.I." 12" reviewed here, delivers for us an incredible exclusive live set displaying the raw and powerful sound of this artist to look for. 


The sound of Unité November's tunes range from Detroit Techno Bass, to more pure uncut Electro music with a dark Industrial and rebellious flare that characterizes his music in its own unique way. The songs have been released previously on Marasm Records, and are available for purchase here through the Unité November Bandcamp page.


Don't miss on this raw, rhythmic, and brooding collection of French Electro tunes, delivered here just for you! Stay tuned for much more to come from Unité November. 









1. Intro
2. Sans Titre
3. Underground
4. Sports Mécaniques (GTI. EP version)
5. Sports Mécaniques (November rmx version V2.0)
6. Police Nationale
7. Périphérique (November rmx version)
8. Motorz (November rmx version)
9. Action/Réaction
10. Sans Titre​ 



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