Robertiano Filigrano - December 2016 Feature

If you've done a good job over the past couple years keeping up with many of the great digital compilations that have come out, then perhaps you have become familiar with Robertiano Filigrano. While perceived as an Italian artist, this German native has been involved in the music industry for quite some time, founding the iconic "Filigrano Recordings", which in the beginning was a label that broke the borders between the underground and commercial music, bringing into balance both worlds with what can only be described as well produced, classy and ethical EDM music mostly based around the concepts of Electro Bass music and 4x4 Techno, only assisted in being more appealing to the mainstream crowds by the use of skilled vocalists; one of which is Robertiano Filigrano himself.


This month, we are honored to have the artist record a fantastic mix for us, utilizing mostly vinyl, including his own recent "Kolossum EP", which followed the 12" with the full length album on a "vinyl" CD; really worth checking out the whole pack. For now, download this awesome collection of great tunes from many artists like Krypton 81, Robodrum, Kraftwerk, Carlos Native, Umwelt, Rennie Pilgrem, and more! Dig in, you won't be let down.











  1. Krypton 81 – Mission Update [Intro] | Subsonic Device
  2. AnnV – Little Ghost [Max Durante Haunted House Remix] | Le Galassie Di Seyfert
  3. Reiner Mauch – Electro Music | Anti-Social Network
  4. Zeta Reticula – Ra Demuss | 1605
  5. Carlos Native – Computadoras | Carlos Native
  6. Sluts ‚ N‘ Strings & 909 – Past The Gates [DJ Hell Remix] | Cheap Records
  7. The H.A.V.O.K. Conspiracy – The Reaping | Anti-Social Network
  8. Robodrum – Electro House Is Not Electro | Free Real Music
  9. Derfyl – Electro Soldier | Elektrodos Recordings
  10. Kraftwerk – Nummern [2009 Digital Remaster] | Parlophone UK
  11. The Consumer – Converted Data | Stilleben Records
  12. Carlos Native – P-374E | Carlos Native
  13. Deekline & Wizard – Make Your Girl Feel The Bass [feat. DJ Assault] | Rat Records UK
  14. Rennie Pilgrem – Rippin‘ Up Wax [DJ Deekline & Ed Solo Mix] | Rat Records UK
  15. Chaos – Afrogermanic | Underground Resistance
  16. Krypton 81 – Titan IIIE | Nodezero Electronics
  17. Umwelt – Company Of Lies | KilleKill
  18. Robertiano Filigrano – Die Gemeinschaft | Filigrano Recordings
  19. Hardfloor & E.R.P. – You Know The Score [Morphology Remix] | Zebralution
  20. Mr. Velcro Fastener – The Flock | Stars Music
  21. Robertiano Filigrano – Proton vs Elektron | Filigrano Recordings
  22. Sonar Base – Photon Filters | Anti-Social Network
  23. Will Web – Humanity Nil | Zero One Music
  24. Electrosexual – The Soul of The Machine [Workerpoor Remix] | Rock Machine Record 



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