Rebus - March 2016 Feature

Rebus is one of the great Electro purveyors in the country of Greece. In 2002, he  decided to move to Athens to establish himself, departing from his hometown of Chania, in the mesmerizing island of Crete. Having played at some of the most notorious venues in the capital city like Bios, Inoteka, Wunderbar and Cafeina, Rebus has also collaborated in some very special projects like the infamous duo "Metrics", not to mention Lostra (Novox), K.atou, 12 Tones, and Spiros Kaloumenos.


He has also guested during the "Techno Crusades" events along with George Apergis, and has played with Inigo Kennedy, not to mention he is a member of the "Dancebass djs Kollektiva"; playing not just events around the country, but also global broadcasts organized by the members.


This month he records his first feature, and shows us a deep, intelligent Techno Bass mix full of some of the best tracks around right now like DMX Krew, Djedjotronic, Morphology, and many more...check it! You won't be disappointed.







1. Schizolectric - Is There Hope For You - Audiofugitives
2. Shemale - Hyborian - Falco Invernale Records
3. Cassegrain - Empress Cut In Segments - Prologue
4. Replicante Norman -  Pasadizo Tenebroso - Urban Connections
5. Black Patterns - 8 - Lobster Theremin
6. MALA - Love To Break - Monofonicos
7. MCC - Servant Model - Fundamental Records
8. Application - Swuth (Remixed By Application) - Dust Science Recordings
9. DMX Krew - Merry Maidens - Mystic & Quantum Records
10. Roy of the Ravers - Twilight Zone - The Centrifuge
11. Ola Bergman - Vulture's End - New Speak
12. Randomer - Huh - L.I.E.S.
13. Luxus Varta - Breigs - Solar One Music
14. Djedjotronic - LSD - Boysnoize Records
15. Phase - Remote - Token
16. Dave Calculator - Toad - Amper Clap Prod
17. Morphology - Irregular Satellites (DeFeKT remix) - Zyntax Motorcity
18. Lektroid - Dark Matter - LEK Productions
19. Amper Clap - Private Sector - Amper Clap Prod
20. Etnik - Neon Daze (Modek remix) - Owsla
21. Oneohtrix Point Never - Zones Without People - Arbor



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