Order of the Muffin - October 2017 Feature

Order of the Muffin, long time project of Nikola Zhevairoski, is a name that many have become quite familiar with over the past few years. With releases on labels like Battery Park Studio out of Germany, as well as the iconic Bass Agenda imprint to name but a couple, together with a style that really sits in its own space with a strong sense of originality, Order of the Muffin's music is not something that can be easily described. His sound seems to be ever-changing, slightly experimental with an abstract emotive element that is as imaginative as it is reflective and even defiant. Music from the future, but here today, and with strong support from International names such as Dave Clarke and his show "White Noise".


For the month of October, we give center stage to this wonderful Macedonian artist, who skillfully records a groovy set of many of his tunes; some in collaboration with M3taN01a (Mision 115, Anti Gravity Device), and even L.A. Electro Funk boss "Nuklear Prophet" (formerly The Dopeman) with the track "City of Angels", showing in an about 60 minutes, the kind of eclectic, ingenious, yet often cold and calculated approach to the Order of the Muffin's music. Don't miss on this set, and stay tuned for a new EP coming soon on Battery Park Studio! 











1. DopamineBass Agenda Recordings

2. Forever Ever (Coming soon)

3. Analogue BastardAnti Gravity Device

4. Different Realm (w/ M3taN01a) | Borg Recordings

5. Just Let Me Sleep (Coming soon)

6. lelectroBody Control Records

7. 33 (Coming soon)

8. DragonflyBody Control Records

9. My WhitesBody Control Records

10. NenaFreaky Troopers

11. In The DarkBass Agenda Recordings

12. Sperajama U Sarandi | Urban Connections

13. FeelingBody Control Records

14. Only UBass Agenda Recordings

15. Orbiting EarthBody Control Records

16. Purple ShitBody Control Records

17. TerminalBody Control Records

18. Unit 83Anti Gravity Device

19. Like A DreamBody Control Records

20. City of Angels (w/ Nuklear Prophet - unreleased)

21. M & M (w/ M3taN01a)

22. 7 pmBody Control Records

23. United We Stand (w/ M3taN01a) | Borg Recordings

24. Elsewhere Body Control Records




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