Oort Cloud | March 2010 Feature

Previously released on defunct Detroit label Deadlock Records, as well as UK imprint Militant Science, these two space invaders have come here from the depths of our galaxy to bring you a unique kind of cosmic madness that will take you on a journey through places you've never heard before!


This live set was previously recorded at an event called "Solaris", on April 20th, 2007, and is packed with psychedelic loops, bass heavy beats, and transcending melodies that will charge your every neuron with space age oscillations from light years away.







1. Easy Prey - Unreleased
2 . Men From Mars - Unreleased
3. Jesus Saves - Unreleased
4. Past Present Future - Unreleased
5. Virgin Mother ( Alien Queen ) - Deadlock Records
6. Superior Intelligence - Deadlock Records
7. Dream Machines - Unreleased
8. Mission Home - Unreleased
9. OMG ( julcatz xGF ) - Unreleased
10. 6 a.u. Past Pluto - Unreleased

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March 2010