DJ 4sO - November 2016 Feature

Hailing from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, DJ 4sO of Global Funk Radio's "Unibass" Radio Show fame signs himself to the long history of features here on the site, with a punishing mix full of Electro Funk and Bass mercenaries from around the world like Mike Ash, Jackal & Hyde, Vortex, Debonaire, Tom Oliver and many more! 


As a purveyor of the Electro Bass sound in his country, DJ 4sO has been a long devout member of the Electronic Music Community since the 1980's, primarily the B.U.M. (Brazian Underground Movement) which would come later, leading to playing at many clubs and festivals over the years, as well as being heavily involved in radio, and thus helping to spread the sounds of our music to his fellow brothers and sisters in Brazil and beyond. Since 1998, he has also been involved in music production, and has collaborated with "DD Chip" as "Bohemius" on several independent record labels, so stay tuned for more material in the future. For now? Don't miss out on this great mix, and get ready to rock Brazilian stylee! 










1. Derfyl - Free Of Crise - Putz Breaks
2. DJ Heliobranco - DJ In Control - Putz Breaks
3. DJ Tom Oliver & Breezy Beat - The Big Room - No Label
4. Debonaire - Electro Novocaine - Debonaire Records
5. Chaos Vs. Bassing Guild - Party People(you must follow us) - CIUD
6. DJ Tom Oliver & DXJ - Brazilian Steps - MBH Records
7. Doc Nasty - He Said She Said - Ravesta Records
8. Hydraulix vs Doc Nasty - Upset The Setup - Black Magic Records
9. Vortex - White Lines Vs Pretty Girls - No Label
10. Jackal & Hyde vs Otto von Schirach - Supermeng 3 - Dominance Electricity
11. Soundchasers w/ Breezy Beat - Raw Dog - Dadeabass Recordings/MBH Records
12. Mike Ash - The incident - No Survivors Recordings
13. Cloak and Dagger - Darkfall - Frajile Recordings
14. Gammachild - The Triac - No Label
15. Code Rising - Fresh Kicks (Cloak & James Wolfe Remix) - Propulsion Records
16. Code Rising - Analog Consenus (ATF Remix) - Monotone
17. Diplomat - Astro Zombies - No Label
18. Robert Cosmic - Back to Reality (PQ17 remix) - MARS Frequency
19. Coherer - Neurologic - Urban Connections Recordings



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